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This article provides an overview of the E-commerce properties in the Intellum Platform and walks you through basic use cases that demonstrate property management in Intellum E-commerce.

E-commerce properties

Intellum E-commerce makes setting up fee-based access to Activities and Groups on the platform easy.

E-commerce for Content

The E-commerce property is available in the Enrollments tab of content Properties. Users can purchase one-time access to specific content, like a certification exam or learning path.

Initial set up of the E-commerce property for an activity.

E-commerce for Groups

Similarly, an E-commerce property is available when creating a new group. E-commerce can only be added to Manual groups.

Groups help you customize and gate your user experiences and content delivery. With e-commerce added to a group, you can offer users or organizations access to custom learning experiences - like streaming events, training workshops, or a catalog of learning resources - and managed through group restrictions.

The E-commerce property cannot be retroactively applied to existing groups or removed once the group is created. In both cases, you'll need to create a new group.

When you enable E-commerce for a group or activity, the platform creates a new Product in Intellum E-commerce.

Updating E-commerce Products

After initial setup, any change to e-commerce-enabled products or prices must be completed within Intellum E-commerce.

Intellum E-commerce in user interface.

Products let you define and update the purchase price, price variance, and other options for each e-commerce-enabled item in your account.

Things to note:

  • After saving, the E-commerce property for activities can only be disabled or updated to change the expiration period for access (in days).
  • After creation, the E-commerce property for groups can only be updated to change its expiration period for access. (in months).
  • Once enabled, E-commerce cannot be disabled for a Group.

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