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Training Credits are prepaid funds toward courses. Think of them like a gift card preloaded with funds for someone else to use. These credits can be purchased and set up by the learner or by an account owner like a manager.

Keep reading to learn how training credits can benefit you, how to set them up, and how to share them with others.

Benefits of Training Credits

Training credits simplify...

  • Purchasing: Use one procurement source rather than many. Also, purchasing in bulk saves time by not having to go through the purchase and approval process repeatedly.
  • Distribution: Share one redemption code with your employees, customers, or partners so they can purchase the courses they need.
  • Budgeting: Prepurchase training credits to spend your unused budget. Track your spending to plan for the next quarter or year.

When Does a Learner Use Training Credits?

If a learner encounters a course they have not purchased, it will be locked with a visible price and invitation to buy access.

A $75 course locked from the learner with a lock icon and purchase price clearly visible.
A locked course with an invitation to purchase.

Clicking "Purchase" takes the learner to their Cart. Then...

  1. They can choose "Training Credits" for their Payment Type, and
  2. Intellum prompts them to enter a Redemption Code.
Using a "Redemption Code" to purchase a course with Training Credits.
Using a "Redemption Code" to purchase a course with Training Credits.

Once purchased, the course will be unlocked and open for access to the learner.

But how does the user get a Redemption Code? Read on to find out.

Redemption Codes & Training Credits Accounts

To purchase a course with training credits, a learner needs a Redemption Code. This code is like the unique number on a gift card which allows the buyer to use the funds on that card.

There are one of two ways a learner can receive a Redemption Code:

  1. By creating a personal training credits account and purchasing training credits to fill the account. This will enable a Redemption Code they can use for courses on Intellum.
  2. By receiving and using a Redemption Code from a manager, or whoever the Account Owner is for the training credits.

The process for creating a Training Credits Account is the same for both the learner and account owner. However, the account owner controls distribution, approvals, and the purchasing of more training credits.


A user with Student authority can only create one training credits account, while an Unrestricted Admin can create multiple accounts.

Watch this short tutorial on how to create a training credits account, purchase credits, and share them with others:

How to create a Training Credits Account and share credits with others.

Managing Your Training Credits Account & Requests

The following steps apply to Unrestricted Admins who have:

  1. Created a Training Credits account.
  2. Set it to Manual Approval.
  3. Have shared the redemption code with others.

When a learner requests to take a course, Intellum sends you an automated email to approve or deny their request:

An automated email to approve or deny a training credits request.
An automated email to approve or deny a training credits request.

The link will take you to the Requests section of your training credits account, where any active requests will be listed with the price and date requested.

The "Requests" section outlined in gold within a training credits account. One $75 request is awaiting approval.
The "Requests" section in a training credits account.

Then, you can approve or deny a request by:

  1. Checking the box next to the person's request.
  2. Clicking the Approve or Deny button.

Once you've selected one or more learners to approve or deny, a pop-up will summarize your choice. Once you've reviewed it for accuracy, click the Confirm button.

Confirming a training credits approval: Summary of number of requests and amount before clicking Confirm.
Confirming a training credits approval.

After confirmation, you will return to your training credits account screen.

The amount of training credits and the Requests section will now reflect your choices. In the example below, the total amount decreased from $500 to $425 due to a $75 training credit use. Also, there are no more "pending requests" since the only request was approved.

Current state of a training credits account after approval.

Reviewing Past Training Credits Requests

The Requests section may be empty on your training credits account page if there are no pending requests_._

However, there is a filter for reviewing requests, whether they are/were:

  • Pending

  • Approved

  • Denied

  • Cancelled

To change the status of listed requests, click the "Pending" dropdown menu and select the status you wish to see.

For example, clicking "Approved" will show the training credit requests you have already approved.

Clicking a dropdown menu and choosing "Accepted" to filter past training credit requests.
Reviewing different statuses for training credit requests.

Reviewing Transactions

Anyone with a training credits account — whether a Student or an Unrestricted Admin — can review their transactions history with that account.

To do so, click on the "Transactions" link in the box summarizing your training credits amount.

Clicking "Transactions" to see a history of purchases.

"Transactions" shows your account's history, including:

  1. Individual purchases and approvals, which includes the course info, amount, requestor, and approver.
  2. Refills of training credits, which includes who purchased them, the payment method, and the amount.
A history of transactions for a training credits account, showing one purchase and one refill of training credits.
A history of transactions for a training credits account.

Reviewing your Purchase & Billing History

Any user — whether a Student, Restricted Admin, or Unrestricted Admin — can review their purchase history under the Billing tab.

The Billing tab shows the user several items:

  1. Credit Card: Please note that Intellum only stores the last 4 digits for reference, while your payment gateway stores the full information for processing.
  2. Billing Address: This is pulled from the user's data within Intellum, and they are able to update the billing address when making a purchase.
  3. Transactions: This shows a history of purchases, whether of training credits or courses, along with a date and price.
The Billing tab open with its 3 sections highlighted: Credit card, Billing Address, and Transactions.
The Billing tab within a user's profile.

Using Discounts with Training Credits

Before Using Promotions

Before a learner can apply a promotion code, make sure you have:

  • Created at least one training credits account (see above).
  • Set up Intellum E-Commerce.
  • Created a Promotion within the Intellum E-commerce admin.
  • Have shared the Promo code with relevant learners.

Applying a Promotion Code with a Training Credits Purchase

To use a promotional code or discount with training credits, the learner will first:

  1. Choose "Training Credits" at checkout.
  2. Add the Redemption Code.
Starting the checkout process with training credits.

At the bottom of the checkout screen, the learner will click + ADD PROMO CODE.

Choosing "+ADD PROMO CODE" at the bottom of the checkout screen.

Then, a text box will open. The learner will then:

  1. Paste in the promotional code.
  2. Click the "Apply" button.
Adding and applying a promotional code for checkout.

The checkout screen will updated with the applied promotion and new total. The learner will then click "Review Purchase" to review the order.

An applied promotion discounts the total amount.

A new window will open, allowing the learner to review their order. Notice how it summarizes the Subtotal before the promotion and the Total reflecting the discount.

To finalize the purchase, the learner will click the "Confirm Purchase" button.

Reviewing and finalizing a purchase using a promotion.

If the training credits account owner uses Manual Approvals, the learner will be greeted with a "Locked Activity" screen. To review how to approve a training credits request, please the check prior section on this page.

A purchased course awaiting approval.

Otherwise, the course will be available immediately for the learner.

That's it! The learner simply chooses "Training Credits" at checkout and then applies the relevant promotional code when prompted.

Reporting on Training Credit Transactions

Intellum makes it easy to run a report on all of your credits and debits with your training credits.

In short, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reporting within the Admin view on Intellum
  2. Create a new report
  3. Name the report
  4. Choose "Training Credits transactions" for the report type
  5. Save the report
  6. View your transactions and export them as needed

For a tutorial on how to create and interpret this report, please watch the following clip:

Running a report on training credits transactions.

A Training Credits Example

Let's walk through a common purchase flow with training credits to illustrate the above...

A learner wants to take a $300 course on Advanced Lunar Marketing from a company called Boosted Marketing. They go to purchase the course by choosing "Training Credits" and pasting in the redemption code given by their manager.

Using a "Redemption Code" to purchase a course with training credits.
Using a "Redemption Code" to purchase a course with training credits.

When the employee's manager set up training credits with Intellum E-commerce, they had chosen to manually accept training credit requests. This means the employee will see a "Locked Activity" notification until their manager approves the use of training credits for the course.

A locked activity until the training credits request is awaiting approval.
A locked activity until the training credits request is awaiting approval.

Then, the manager sees the request. However, they realize they do not have enough purchased training credits to approve the employee's request. So, the manager...

  1. first refills training credits by purchasing more
  2. and then approves the employee's request
First, clicking "Purchase Refill" button to add training credits, and then approving an employee's request at the bottom.
Refilling training credits and then approving a request.

Once approved, Intellum sends the employee an automated email, confirming access to the course with a direct link to it:

Automated email with direct link to approved course after training credit purchase.
Automated email with direct link to approved course after training credit purchase.

From here, the employee has full access to the course! 🥳


Training credits are a helpful way to purchase and distribute funds for courses in a controlled manner. They help you manage and track spending while simplifying the procurement process for your teams. Pairing training credits with promotions and engaging content can also help you market learning resources through the Intellum Platform.

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