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Tax collection happens at the point of sale (POS), and Intellum E-commerce leverages Spree Commerce for setting up and managing taxes.

This article provides an overview of the three solutions for tax collection available in Intellum E-commerce.

Spree's internal tax tables

Built into Intellum E-commerce are Spree Commerce tax tables. These tax tables are very powerful and provide access to manage taxes at the category,country, or state level.

For the most accurate documentation in utilizing the tax tables, please refer to Spree's documentation - linked below:

Spree User Documentation: Taxes

Tax categories

Tax Categories help you create groups for learning that should be taxed similarly. You can choose to make any tax category the Default category.

Tax rates

Tax Rates let you define the specific percentage that will be taxed on a purchase. A product with a given tax category will accrue tax charges based on the relevant tax rate you assign.

Avalara Avatax

Intellum Ecommerce also allows you to outsource the tax calculation to Avalara Avatax. Connecting with Avalara also enables the determination of taxes at the buyers' billing address level. This covers all state and municipality taxes in the United States.

A connection to Avalara Avatax requires a separate subscription with Avalara.

Please note: Avalara Avatax requires an additional purchase to enable the Spree Avatax integration for your account.

Connect a custom tax calculator

Reach out to an Intellum Representative and work with our team to connect your custom or third-party tax calculator to Intellum E-commerce.

Note: Tax filings & remittance

All transactional sales data is available via standard reports or accessible through our API.

For specific data related to e-commerce, reach out to an Intellum representative to work with our team for custom reports or data pushes.

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