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Intellum E-commerce can help you power revenue, and build-in value for your learning audiences. We've leveraged the secure, open-source Spree Commerce platform for flexibility in your e-commerce setup and your customers' e-commerce experience.

This article provides an overview of Intellum E-commerce features, summarizes the benefits of those features, and walks you through accessing e-commerce options as an Unrestricted Admin.

Things to note:

  • Intellum E-commerce is available at an additional cost. Please contact an Intellum representative to learn more.
  • E-commerce setup will require information from your organization's payment gateway solution to configure payment options for learners.
  • While Spree Commerce is open-source, Intellum hosts the code on our servers.
  • The Intellum Platform doesn't store any cardholder data. Intellum E-commerce supports PCI and SCA compliance.

Heads up!

You will find direct links to Spree Commerce user documentation where appropriate. Linked references will generally highlight set up steps not directly connected to Intellum platform functionality.

Overview & Features

Intellum’s E-commerce helps you simultaneously drive growth and revenue with flexible options for delivery in the Intellum platform.

The learner view of a purchasable course in the Intellum platform.

Use e-commerce with your initiatives to:

  • Make high-value courses and certifications available for purchase

  • Offer purchasable content to prospective customers while supporting free access for current customers

  • Support global, complex pricing with multiple currencies and country differentiation

  • Offer live training as a part of the enterprise sales process or as an added service line

  • Enable one-time payment for an event or cohort workshop based on group restrictions

  • Utilize Training Credits to support large purchase orders

To power those options, Intellum E-commerce enables:

Flexible payment options

  • Choose from over 50 payment gateways to process e-commerce purchases in the platform. Offer as few, or as many, payment options as needed to support your audiences. Expand access to multiple currencies and prices for global organizations.

Coupons, discounts, and promotions

  • Create promotions and discounts for redemption at purchase, and provide sales, incentives, and discount codes to specific users within the Intellum Platform.

Course and catalog access purchases

  • Allow one-time purchases that unlock access by activity or to the catalog using group restrictions. Content only unlocks after a successful transaction.

Self-service training credits

  • Give learners and organizations the ability to purchase and share credits that can be used as payment for content and catalog access. Create and manage training credits in your account and allow learners to purchase new training credits, or redeem a training credits promotion.

Flexible tax options

  • Utilize the platform's built-in tax tables and calculator or connect Avalara AvaTax (see note below) to outsource tax calculations. Reach out to an Intellum representative and work with our team to create a custom integration with a third-party tax engine.

Note: Avalara Avatax requires an additional purchase to enable the Spree Avatax integration for your account.

Platform Reporting

  • Leverage Intellum’s reporting to review training credit balances by user/group, or compile e-commerce transactions by user/group.

Access & Set Up

Unrestricted Admin can access e-commerce setup and options through the E-commerce menu item in the expanded admin nav panel in the platform.

The E-commerce menu item gives Unrestricted Admin access to e-commerce setup and options.

Intellum E-commerce offers flexibility across the utilization of the features listed in the previous section.

To get started, decide on the e-commerce options you need to offer learners, and follow up in Intellum E-commerce to:

  • Add at least one payment gateway
  • Activate and define training credit options (optional)
  • Configure tax tables or integrate with a tax calculation tool
  • Enable E-commerce settings for content and subscription purchases

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