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Tribe takes an intuitive approach to helping your organization pull back on the distraction and security issues present in other social media platforms.

Build company culture, spark ideas, and create better connections and experiences for your audiences seamlessly — from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device with Tribe and the Tribe mobile app.

This article gives an overview of enabling Tribe access and accessing a Tribe organization, as well as its organization settings as well as group and member layout.

Enable Tribe access

Tribe is an application that can be added to your account in the Intellum learning platform. Contact your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum representative to learn how to add Tribe to your learning environment.

Access a Tribe organization

With Tribe enabled on your account, each organization in your Intellum account is given a dedicated Tribe URL that defines and manages access for that specific audience.

Unrestricted admin in the platform can find the specific URL for each Tribe Organization in the External Application section of Organization Properties - as seen below:

Tribe Properties menu

The Properties menu lets you customize Tribe at the top level - giving you control of default branding elements, verified domains for content sharing, Organization Owner assignment, and more.

To access this menu, follow the steps below:

  1. Click your user profile icon.
  2. Click Organization Admin.
  3. The page will open on the Properties menu.

Additionally, the Properties menu provides control of each Tribe Organization's details; highlights include the following:

  • Organization Name: Displays the Tribe Organization name.
  • Subdomain: An identifier at the end of the login URL
  • Custom Application Name: Change the text label of "Tribe" in the header of the app to a name of your choosing.
  • Google Analytics: Place a Google Analytics ID here to push data from Tribe into your Google Analytics account.

For additional customization options, take a look at the screenshot below:

Group and member layout


Shows a list of all Groups currently included in the Tribe Organization, and gives you the option to create a new Group. Click on any Group name to be linked directly to that Group's feed.


A listing of the members from all Groups within the Tribe Organization. Users will not appear in the Members tab until they successfully log in.

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