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If you're looking to embed Tribe Chat within a Page in the Intellum platform, this article will walk you through that process, as well as the learner experience for embedded Tribe Chat.

Tribe Chat embed

A group chat URL can also be used to embed the group chat from Tribe within a Page activity in the Intellum platform, as shown in the video below:

To embed a group chat within a Page activity, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the group chat URL to your clipboard.
  2. Open a Page activity and create a new Link Component.
  3. Paste the group chat URL into the field and click Add.

If the group chat embed was successful, you will see the Open Chat button added to your Page.

Tribe Chat embed: Learner experience

Users accessing a Page with Tribe Chat embedded can click Open Chat to launch the chat room while continuing to interact with content on the Page.

An embedded Tribe Chat window can be closed or reopened as needed. Users can also open the group chat in Tribe using the Open in Tribe icon featured beside the group name.

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