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You can add Badges, Awards, or Certifications you earn in the Intellum Platform to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn limits third-party integrations, so while you are required to manually add achievements to your LinkedIn profile - Intellum still helps you show off by letting you link directly to the achievement in our platform.

This article covers the steps you'll follow to add an Award, Badge, or Certification from the Intellum Platform to your LinkedIn Profile using LinkedIn's license & certifications form.

STEP 1 | Access Your LinkedIn Profile

You can share an achievement from Intellum on your LinkedIn profile by adding it as a license or certification. The achievement then appears in the Background section of your profile. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open a new tab and log into your account at
  2. From your LinkedIn Home page, click on your profile image or find the View my Profile link in the Me menu.
  3. Select the Add profile section dropdown.
  4. Under Background, find Licenses & Certifications and click the plus (+) button to add a new achievement.
Use the Add licenses & certifications form found in your LinkedIn profile to add achievements

STEP 2 | Access Your Achievements in Intellum

Once you have the LinkedIn licenses & certifications form ready, it's time to open an achievement within Intellum to grab the info you'll need to complete the form. Here's how to access your achievements:

  1. Click on My Profile in the expanded navigation menu or through the user icon at the top right.
  2. You'll find any Badges and Awards you've earned on your main profile page - organized by type.
  3. Click on a Badge or Award to view its details.
Awards & Badges you've earned are accessible in My Profile

Copying Award & Badge Information

Alongside the general information you share about your achievements on LinkedIn, you can also include a link to an award, certification, or badge image; so visitors to your LinkedIn profile can also see your awards and badges.

  1. Open an Award or Badge to view its details.
  2. LinkedIn's form gives you the option to include:
    • the name of the achievement
    • the issuer of the achievement
    • any dates related to the achievement (i.e. date of completion, expiration - if applicable)
    • an ID related to the achievement (i.e. completion ID)
    • a URL for the achievement

Gather this information from your Awards in the platform. Here's an example Award with this info highlighted:

View an Award in the Intellum platform to gather the information needed to add the achievement to LinkedIn

HEADS UP: Grab the Award/Certification URL...

Copying the URL from an award page in Intellum lets you connect that award page to your LinkedIn profile. Visitors to your LinkedIn profile can then see the award or certification by clicking See Credential.

You can pull the same information for a Badge by clicking on a badge to view its details. However, to include a badge image on LinkedIn - you'll  grab the image address by right-clicking on the badge, as seen below:

Add a badge image to LinkedIn by copying the image address of the badge

STEP 3 | Add the Information to LinkedIn

Take the information gathered from your awards, certification, or badges in the Intellum platform and add it to the LinkedIn form - click Save to add the achievement, or Save and add another to continue adding achievements from the Intellum platform to LinkedIn.

Here's the information from the example award added in LinkedIn:

Add the Award information you gathered to LinkedIn's form. Click Save or Save and add another to continue.

And here's what that award looks like once it's added to the LinkedIn profile:

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