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The Plan page gives you access to review your enrolled activities in a structured, organized, and time-based interface. Your Plan page organizes your enrollments in the broader context of all the other content you are consuming, resulting in a simplified browsing experience.

This article walks you through accessing the Plan page and gives you an overview of the content and options you'll find on the Plan page.

Accessing Your Plan

Access the Plan page via the icon in top navigation:

Your Plan page shows activity enrollments in a quarterly view, starting with the current quarter as well as up to the next two quarters.

Your Plan is driven by four main sources of content

  • Enrollments created as a result of an Evaluation
  • Enrollments created from an Assessment result
  • Admin/Manager-assigned activities (required or recommended)
  • Activities you have elected to add to your Plan

All activity enrollments, including event enrollments, are included in your Plan.

Heads Up!

Facilitators can find the events they are facilitating on the My Events page, accessed from the navigation menu.

If your Plan is blank or has 5 or less activities on it, you'll find links to help you discover activities that can be added to your Plan:


Plan Notifications

When you log into the system for the first time and access the Plan page, you will see a pop-up box notifying you of all the new items that have been added to your Plan, including how it was added and the date it occurred:


If your account doesn't have Evaluations and/or the Browse page turned on, then the message "Your Plan Is Empty" along with buttons to either take an Evaluation or Browse the catalog are presented, in order to generate activities viewable in Plan.

Editing Your Plan

Clicking the Edit Plan link at the top right of the page lets you move and/or remove activities from the Plan.


Activities can be moved by the double-line icon next to the left of activity name, and removed with the "x" icon to the right of the activity name.

Finally, you can add any unlocked activity from the catalog to your plan. This is possible via the Add To Plan icon at the top of activity pages.


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