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Get an overview of navigation in the Intellum Platform to help ensure an easy learning journey.

Your navigation options may differ slightly - but here's a breakdown of a few common navigation elements you'll find in the platform.

1.) Home

  • Browse learning and resources, access content that's been assigned or recommended to you, and relaunch learning you started previously.

2.) Events

  • Register for in-person, or virtual, learning opportunities and manage your existing event enrollments.

3.) Discover

  • Access a free collection of expertly curated learning from Intellum's Catcat project. Join Catcat to help improve the way the world learns.

4.) Plan

  • Review, access, and/or edit the content assigned or recommended to you. Organize learning assignments to build a timeline for success.

5.) Topics Dropdown

  • Explore content by topic. You can drill down by topic or discover content by browsing All Activities or All Topics.

  • Search content in the platform - from anywhere in the platform. Filters narrow your search results. Related Topics help you discover more.

7.) Apps Launcher

  • Navigate between apps available in the Intellum Platform: connect with learning in Exceed, get social in Tribe, and check in on stats in Level.

8.) Notifications

  • Connect to an in-app feed for new content and resources, to celebrate your wins, or to follow up with important announcements.

9.) User Profile Menu

  • Explore the options in the user profile menu to review or update your user profile, follow up with content you've favorited, review your learning history, access help, or log out of the platform.

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