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Activities are the individual pieces of learning content you'll find in the Intellum Platform. Activities can be made up of articles, videos, podcasts or audio, and more. Activities can also be eLearning courses, assessments, evaluations, or surveys - and can connect you to other learning content.

Activities can be grouped together in a Path to deliver a curriculum. One or more Paths may be combined together in a Collection.

Accessing Activities

Activities are represented by cards or linked in topic or results list. They can be accessed through main pages in the navigation, like Home, Discover, or Plan:

When you click on an activity to access it, you are taken to the activity page. If you aren't enrolled in the activity, accessing it creates a new enrollment.

If you're having trouble with an eLearning activity, check our courseware guide for assistance:

Rating and Reviewing Activities

If the functionality is enabled for you, you can rate and review activities once they've been completed. Click on the appropriate number of stars to rate the activity (1-5 stars). After you rate the activity, a review window opens to let you leave more feedback.

Activity Card Icons

You may notice the following icons featured on the corner of activity cards for learning content you access or are assigned, here's a visual breakdown of icons:

Favoriting an Activity

Any activity can be favorited from the activity page. Click the heart icon and it will turn blue to signify that the activity has been favorited. Click the heart icon again to remove the activity as a favorite.

Find favorited activities via the Favorites link in the user profile menu.


Paths organize individual activities into a learning curriculum.

If a Path is set up to be completed in a specific order, you'll find navigation elements that connect you to the Path home page, previous activities, and next activities. A Path outline is accessible on the left and provides an indexed view of the activities in the Path.


A Collection is an activity that aggregates Paths into a certification or larger learning curriculum package.

When you're learning in a Collection, you'll have access to the navigation elements for each Path - and remain connected to the Collection home page.

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