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Evolve will automatically resize uploaded images based on the device a learner uses to view a course, unless an admin overrides this functionality using the Advanced Image Settings.

When setting images per device manually, or using particular graphic components, the learner experience can be optimized by using the following recommendations.


 Recommended minimum image widths:

  • Desktop: Minimum width 1024px
  • Mobile: Minimum width 512px

Evolve will automatically resize images depending on the device the course is being used on. Alternatively, you can use the Image Advanced Settings found when adding any graphic and set an image per device.

Image size examples

  • 1024px (width) x 600px (height) - useful for media carousel, narrative
  • 512px (width) x 480px (height) - useful for a single width graphic component

Alternate Image Sizes

If you wish to use images that do not meet our recommended widths you will need to open the search bar in image selector and uncheck Recommended Width.

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