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Add an Embedded HTML section to an Organization homepage to build custom content into your homepages using custom HTML code or markdown.

This article shows you how to add an Embedded HTML section to an Organization homepage and gives an overview of relevant home sections properties.

Add an Embedded HTML Section

Unrestricted admin can add an Embedded HTML section to the homepage of any Organization via Account Settings>Organization>Home Layout Settings.

Follow these steps to add an Embedded HTML section to an Organization:

  1. Navigate to the Home Layout Settings of an Organization
  2. In the Home Sections Layout section, click + Add Section.
  3. Click Add on the Embedded HTML item.

Embedded HTML Section Properties

Homepage Section properties control the content included in an Embedded HTML section and you can add as many Embedded HTML sections to a homepage as needed.

The following graphic walks you through a few properties related to adding an Embedded HTML section to an Organization homepage:

1.) Section Name

  • Customize the name of your Embedded HTML section or hide it from users altogether - it's up to you.

2.) HTML Embed

  • Add custom content with a built-in editor that supports HTML and markdown formatting for text and graphics, and embedding content from the web.

Heads Up!

Custom code added to HTML components is not validated by the platform. Adding incorrect code may cause issues.

3.) Authorization Restrictions

  • Determine what type of user can see the Embedded HTML section. Authorization Restrictions is a required setting for new Home Sections.

Once added to the Home Sections Layout, you can access and edit section properties via the gear icon. Use the X icon to remove the section.

Drag & Drop the section in the Home Sections Layouts list to control its location on the Organization's homepage.

Learn more about Home Sections Properties:

Embedded HTML Section | Learner View

Once added to an Organization, an Embedded HTML section is visible to users in that Organization. Users are able to read and/or interact with the custom HTML content you've added as soon as the Embedded HTML section is added to a homepage.

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