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Organizations give you the power to create customized experiences for your learning audiences. Organizations let you tailor things like the login experience and Home page for your users (and more) - all to help you deliver a more personalized and engaging learning experience.

This article walks you through accessing, creating, and customizing Organizations in the Intellum platform.

Access Organizations

Organizations can be created or customized by Unrestricted admin through account Settings.

Follow these steps to access Organizations:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the expanded admin nav panel.
  2. Select the Organizations tab in account Settings.
  3. Select an existing Organization or add a new Organization.

The Organizations dropdown reflects all existing Organizations. A Default Organization is automatically generated for all new accounts. Click on the name of an existing Organization to edit its settings or properties.

Add an Organization

Follow these steps to add a new Organization:

  1. Click Add Organization.
  2. The Add Organization page provides a list of general settings used to create a new organization:
  • Name - the name of the Organization

  • Subdomain - a unique subdomain used for, and seen by, users who are members of this Organization in the platform.

    • The subdomain is added before "" (example:
  • Catalog - give users access to browse and search your catalog of learning content

  • Code - a unique code for this organization

  • Notes - a field for admin notes related to the organization

3. Click Save to begin customizing the Organization.

Customize an Organization

From the Organizations tab in account Settings, select the Organization you would like to customize.

Organization Settings are broken out across five sections:

  • General
  • Navigation
  • Look & Feel
  • Registration & Login
  • Home Layout

Existing Organizations give you the option to Duplicate the Organization to create a new Organization with the same Settings, or Delete the Organization.

Note: Before you can delete an organization, a pop-up menu will ask you to confirm the deletion. You will need to type "DELETE" before permanently deleting the organization. The deletion cannot be reversed afterward.


Set up the basic aspects of the Organization to help you begin tailoring the experience for users.

  • Name
    • The name of the organization
  • Subdomain/Account URL
    • Add or update the unique subdomain used, and seen by, users who are members of this organization in the platform
  • Catalog
    • If Active, this setting gives learners' access to browse and search your catalog of learning content and adds both a search bar and topics browser to the site header
  • Code
    • A unique code for this organization
  • Notes
    • A field for admin notes related to the organization

Organization Content Settings

  • Ratings & Reviews
    • Let users rate and/or review your learning content
  • Show Reviews to Learners
    • let users read Activity reviews left by other users

SEO Settings

Actively contribute to the SEO of your site by adding information to the following fields for the Organizations' Catalog Home Page:

  • Catalog Home Page Title
  • Catalog Home Page Description
  • Catalog Home Page Keywords

Control learner navigation for each Organization in your account, as well as each Locale within that Organization. Control the type, order, and number of navigation items available to users.

The following navigation items are available for Organization customization:

  • Home
    • Point user to the Catalog Home Page for the Organization
  • Events
    • Point users to the Events page for live, virtual or in-person, events
  • Discover
    • Point users to highly curated learning content from Catcat
  • Plan
    • Point users to a personalized learning plan page
  • Manage
    • Point users to a learning management page for their direct reports. Manage is only visible and accessible to Managers and/or admin in the platform.
  • Page
    • Point users to a specific Page in the platform
  • Topic
    • Point users to a specific Topic browse page
  • Link
    • Point users to any specific URL

The following navigation items are available after you activate Intellum Social:

  • Groups
    • Point users to an activity stream where they can discuss topics
  • Chat
    • Point users to the Chat page where they can participate in private or group discussions
  • Community
    • Point users to a shared space where they can ask and answer questions

Note: Contact your CSM for more information about activating Intellum Social.

Add a Navigation Item

Follow these steps to add a new navigation item:

  1. Click + Add Navigation Item.
  2. Click Add on the appropriate Navigation item.
  3. If required, provide further information to set up the navigation item and choose a custom icon for the new item.
  4. Click Save.

Active items in the navigation are shown to users in the same order they are displayed. Drag & drop navigation items to reorder the list using the = icon, or remove a navigation item using the X icon.

Heads Up!

The first item in the list (excluding Link items) will serves as the default landing page for the Organization.

Enable Text Navigation Items

The platform gives you the option to present your navigation items in text as opposed to navigation icons. Use the Navigation Items Display option and select Use text navigation to enable text navigation items  for your organization - as seen below:

When enabled, default navigation items (Home, Events, Discover, Plan, and Manage) will reflect their default names in the platform. Any custom navigation items you add to the platform will reflect the name you assign when they are created.

Learn more about customizing Navigation:

Look & Feel

Control the visual branding aspects of your Organization. Customize the following elements to create an engaging environment for your audience.

Organization Look & Feel

  • Organization Logo
    • Add custom logo to the site header
  • Login Logo
    • Add a custom logo to the organization’s login page
  • Open Graph Image

    • Add a custom Open Graph image that will display when sharing links to content or pages within the organization.
  • Favicon

    • Add a custom favicon for the browser bar
  • Log In Text

    • Customize the messaging on your login page. Users will see Intellum's default login message if not customized.

Organization Colors

Use HEX codes to update Organization Colors

  • Header Color
    • Controls the color of the header
  • Header Text & Icon Color
    • Controls the color of the text and icons in the header
  • Organization Color
    • Controls the color of buttons, icons, and active states

Organization Image Settings

  • Show Topic Images in Browse
    • Displays Topic cover art to learners accessing Topics pages through the topic browser. If not enabled, only Topic names are displayed
  • Default Award Badge
    • Add a default badge used on awards for the Organization - unless otherwise customized at the Activity level

Registration & Login

Customize the registration and login options available to users in the Organization.

Registration Settings

  • Self-Registration
    • Enable Allow users to self register from the login page to add a Log In as a New User button to the organization login page.
  • Registration Code
    • Add a unique registration code for the organization. New users will be required to enter this code to create an account.
  • Welcome Letter
    • Send a welcome email to new users when they create an account. Letters must be created in the platform before they are available for use as a welcome letter for an organization.
  • Terms of Service
    • Click Add a TOS to upload a Terms of Service (ToS) agreement which new users must accept when logging in. You can add one ToS for each language Locale in your account.

Login Settings

Authentication Options

Depending on which authentication options have been enabled for your account, you may see checkboxes for:

  • Password (Default)
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Heads Up!

Contact your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum Representative to enable specific authentication options

You can choose one or more authentication options. Each selected option is made available to users for logging in to the platform.

  • Min Password Strength
  • Disable User Login for 1 hour...
    • Add an additional level of security by disabling the user's login for 1 hour after they've tried to unsuccessfully login 7 times within a 10 minute timeframe.
  • Provide Users with the Ability to Reset Their Password...

    • Check this box if you'd like to allow users to reset their password
  • Force Users to Select a Timezone on Login

    • Makes timezone selection required for users in the Organization
  • Login Widget

    • To embed an Exceed LMS login box into a web page, copy and past the code in the text field into your HTML
  • Custom Login URL

    • Create a redirect for any user who is unable to log in to the Organization. If Public Activities are enabled for your account, unauthenticated users will be directed to a public landing page
  • Log Out Url

    • Point users to a specific web address when they log out

Learn more about Registration & Login Settings

Home Layout

Customize the Home page layout for your learners, helping you create a personalized learning experience through targeted content and access.

Home Layout Settings

Home Hero Section

Add hero images or video to your catalog homepage. URLs can be added to hero images or video to point to learning Activities, Topics, or external sites.

Home Rows Layout

Add, edit, or reorder the content rows shown to users on the Catalog Home page of an Organization.

The following rows can be included, or removed, as needed:

  • Custom Banner Row
    • A row of image cards linked to internal or external resources
  • Continue Learning
    • A row featuring a learner’s currently in-progress activities
  • My Recommendations
    • A row featuring activities recommended by an admin or manager
  • My Events
    • A row featuring upcoming events the user has enrolled in
  • My Requirements
    • A row featuring activities required by an admin or manager
  • Topic Row
    • A row featuring activities from a selected topic
  • Followed Topic Rows
    • A row for each topic followed by the learner - up to 10 rows

Add a Row to the Home Layout:

  1. Click Add Row.
  2. Click Add on the row you wish to add.
  3. If required, provide further information to set up the row.
  4. Click Save.

Rows are shown to learners in the same order they are displayed in the Home Rows Layout section. You can move a row to reorder the list using the = icon, or remove a navigation item using the X icon.

Learn more about Customizing Home Page Layouts:

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