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Within a page, you are able to add multiple components to build and structure your content. Adding files to your activities can be done easily within the Intellum platform.

In this article, we'll walk you through adding and formatting file components.

Add a File Component

Add a file component by selecting the + icon and selecting File. You'll be prompted to select a file to upload to the page. File components have a file size limitation of 10MB.

File components can be documents, spreadsheets, slide decks, etc. Upload any file your learners need to be able to access. Our open-asset platform identifies the type of file added to the page and gives learners the appropriate option to interact with each file.

File component uploaded to a page.

Note: You have the ability to cancel photo, video, and file uploads.

Additionally, you have the ability to add or update the display name and image of the files you upload. To do this, you can follow the below instructions:

  1. After a file has been uploaded, click the three dots icon to the top right and click the Properties gear icon to access the file's settings.
  2. Edit the display name, image, and alt text in the Files Properties page.
  3. Once you've made changes, click Save.

Format a File Component

File components can not be formatted once added. File components can be removed and/or replaced as needed.

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