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Within a Page, you are able to add multiple components to build and structure your content. Adding links to your activities can be done easily within the Intellum platform. Here, we'll walk you through adding and formatting link components.

Add a Link component by selecting the add component icon and selecting Add Link. Drop a URL in the address bar and watch our open-asset platform at work.

If you're linking to media from Youtube, the platform will generally embed it in the page for learners to view. For other URLs, learners will see a preview of linked content with a prompt to visit the link.

When a link component is added, you have the ability to display the link with an image, or without one. If the display image is removed, the link will only include text from the page that is being linked.

By clicking the gear icon, you also have the ability to edit the following:

  • Link title
  • Link description
  • Display image
  • Alt text for display image

In addition to the above, you can select whether the link opens in a new tab. This is an option available for hyperlinks as well.

Linking to Google content — such as a Google Form and Slides — gives you the ability to embed these items directly within a page by clicking the embed icon.

When linking to an image, it will display as an image within a page. When linking to non-Google file types, the file will display as a file within a page instead of a link.

Embedding Google Forms & Slides

If a learner sees the following message in an embedded Google Form, ensure they are logged into your Google organization first.

As another troubleshooting step, you can disable the sign-in requirement under the Google Form permission settings. By allowing anyone to open your form, it can create a better experience for the learner and mitigate access issues.

For further details on Google Forms and permission settings, please refer to Google Support's help document:

For Google Slides, the presentation must be published to the web. You can then insert the public link within an activity to ensure learners have access to your content.

For further details on Google Slides and making presentations publicly available, please refer to Google Support's help document:

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