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Reporting on Intellum has some upgrades!

  • A refreshed and more organized interface.

  • Now paired with Insights.

  • A new search feature.

  • Faster report generation.

  • And more!

Video Summary

Here’s a tour of these changes:

A quick tour of the major changes to Reporting on Intellum.

Optimized Reporting Data

Intellum has optimized how it pulls data for your reports. What does this mean for you?

  • Faster report generation

  • More robust data sets

  • Data updated hourly

  • A more flexible data structure for the platform going forward

  • Ability to capture data directly from our data warehouse

Reports is now “Reporting” on the platform

This section of the platform is now called Reporting since Insights can also be found there. Both reveal data on how your content is performing.

The image below shares the before-and-after:

Side-by-side comparison showing the more organized and clean Reporting section.
The old Reports section compared to the improved Reporting section.

A cleaner & more organized user experience

The updated Reporting section offers a consolidated and cleaner user experience.

Reporting types are now organized into expandable folders, saving valuable real estate on your screen.

Opening a Reports type folder with a list of reports expanded underneath.
Expandable organization for each Repot type.

Numbers show you how many reports you’ve created for each type:

Arrow pointing to the number 73 next the Activity Enrollments folder.

Search your reports to find what you need!

When you’re on the “Reports” tab within Reporting, you can leverage the new search bar at the top of the screen to find the right report from your list.

For example, a stakeholder wants to know how many employees are overdue on compliance training. You know you’ve created a few reports in the past for overdue activities. Instead of sifting through all of your reports, you simply search for the keyword “overdue” to shorten the results:

Animation of "Overdue" being typed in the Reports search bar as results are narrowed down to a few options in one folder.
The new search bar narrows-down your options for reports.

Two Sections on the Reporting page: Reports and Insights

Insights is a paid add-on for visual data dashboards connected with your initiatives and individual pieces of content.

Site-wide Insights are available in the Reporting section. Just click on the Insights tab at top of “Reporting” to see global data dashboards.

Insights tab within Reporting.
Insights tab within Reporting.

There are two categories of global Insights offered here:

  1. System Insights

  2. Initiative Insights

Let’s discuss how each works and benefits you.


The following features from Insights are available as a paid add-on. Please reach out to your Account Executive for more detail.

System Insights

This includes site-wide data like Search, which reveals the top search queries and their conversion rates across your Intellum site.

Platform Search dashboard displays most common queries and their conversion rates.
Platform Search dashboard displays most common queries.

Note: For now, Search is the only “System Insights” available within the "Insights" tab.

Initiative Insights

These offer a bird’s-eye-view of how your learning programs are performing. They also sample data across your initiatives and organize the data into these categories:

  • Acquisition

  • Engagement

  • Completion

  • Efficacy

  • Ratings

Let’s say you want to see data on completions across your initiatives. Clicking on “Completion” under Initiative Insights brings up a visual dashboard with completion and abandoned rates for all Topics and Courses connected to your initiatives.

Data dashboard showing average completions and abandoned courses.
Completion data for topics and courses.

Once you’re in a dashboard, you can use filters to select one or more initiative types or time duration.

Selecting an "Onboarding" filter under the Initiatives menu to restrict the data displayed.
Selecting filters limits the data displayed.

For more on Intellum Insights, please refer to this article:

New Initiatives Report

Within Reporting, there’s a new Initiatives Report. It’s a Custom Report on the type of content attached to any Initiative you’ve created.

Note: You do not need a subscription to Insights to use this report. This Report type is available to all Intellum admins.

Once you create a new Initiative, the platform automatically creates a report for it. You can find it under…

Reporting > Custom Reports > your Initiative’s name

For example, if you’ve made an initiative titled “Employee Product Enablement," it will be listed under Custom Reports as “Initiative Employee Product Enablement.”

Finding a report on an initiative under Custom Reports.
Finding a report on an initiative under Custom Reports.

Data Dictionary Access

Access to the Data Dictionary is part of Insights, which is a paid add-on. Once you've purchased Insights, please use the following steps to access and use the Data Dictionary:

The Data Dictionary helps you understand the variety of data being used on the Intellum Platform. It defines data tables and columns so you know what each is and why it’s valuable.

To access the Data Dictionary:

  1. Open the Admin panel on the left side of the platform.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on the Apps tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Data Warehouse section.

  5. Click on the “Access the Intellum Data Documentation” button for more info.

How to find the Data Dictionary on Intellum.