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Managed by Exceed features use our proprietary Evolve integration to allow you to create new Evolve content directly within the Intellum platform, jump to Evolve to edit and build your content, and return to Intellum to sync content and updates.

This article offers FAQs related to Managed by Exceed features from Evolve.

Frequently asked questions

How can I view all Managed by Exceed courses in Evolve?

From the Course page in Evolve, you can filter your course search to find view all of your Managed by Exceed courses.

How can I check which courses are Synced to Exceed?

From the Course page in Evolve you can filter courses by the Course State of Synced to Exceed. A Synced to Exceed course state is the same as the Published state, but specific to Managed by Exceed courses.

What if I want to use my Managed by Exceed course in a different Exceed instance?

Evolve courses created in Exceed are directly linked to the original Exceed instance they were created in. Managed in Exceed courses and your Exceed instance have a 1 to 1 relationship.

To use Managed by Exceed courses in another Exceed instance you can publish courses using the Direct Publish option or as a .zip files that can be manually uploaded to another Exceed instance.

Is my course in Exceed the same as my working copy in Evolve?

When you sync your Evolve course in the Intellum platform it takes a snapshot of your course and publishes it to Exceed. This means changes in your Evolve course won't affect the course published in Exceed until the course is synced.

What if I try to delete an asset associated with a Managed by Exceed course?

If an asset (image, video etc) is being used in a Managed by Exceed course that's synced with Exceed, it cannot be deleted in Evolve. You will receive a warning message to let you know the asset is associated with a Managed by Exceed course.

What if I replace an asset associated with a Managed by Exceed course?

If you replace an asset that is being used by a Managed by Exceed course, it will update the asset everywhere it is being used. Once the asset is replaced, go to the Activity in Exceed and sync the updates to pull it into Exceed.

How do I delete a Managed by Exceed course?

It is not possible to delete a Managed by Exceed course from Evolve. To delete the Evolve course, the activity must be deleted in Exceed.

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