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OneTrust Cookie Compliance is a third-party service that can be integrated with the Intellum platform to display custom cookie banners that provide users with the option to selectively block cookies in order to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR.

This article outlines the platform requirements for deploying a OneTrust cookie banner in the platform and provides an overview of the steps you'll follow to create a OneTrust integration.


You must have an active OneTrust Cookie Compliance license in order to configure a cookie banner and integrate with OneTrust through the Intellum platform for deployment.

Integration overview

To deploy a OneTrust cookie banner in the Intellum platform, you'll first need to configure the banner and its behaviors in Cookie Compliance.

Heads up!

For assistance completing steps in the Cookie Compliance platform, please reference OneTrust's Cookie Compliance documentation (requires a OneTrust login) or contact OneTrust support.

Here's a quick breakdown of the steps you'll follow to create and configure a OneTrust cookie banner for deployment in the Intellum platform:

  1. Perform a Cookie Compliance scan using your Intellum account URL.
  2. Categorize any cookies found by the Cookie Compliance scan.
  3. Manually add and categorize any cookies not found by the scan.
  4. Configure your Cookie Compliance templates and geolocation rules.
  5. Request OneTrust support enable a setting to prevent the banner script from focusing on the first navigable element in the platform.
  6. Implement a mechanism that blocks non-Strictly Required cookies set by any third-party services integrated in your Intellum account.
  7. Publish and copy your Cookie Compliance CDN script.
  8. Add the CDN script to your Intellum account.
  9. Test that the cookie banner displays and functions in your Intellum account.

The OneTrust integration is created by adding a CDN script through the Apps tab in account Settings - as seen below:

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