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This article highlights common causes of errors related to a OneTrust Cookie Compliance integration.

Heads up!

For assistance completing steps in the Cookie Compliance platform, please reference OneTrust's Cookie Compliance documentation (requires a OneTrust login) or contact OneTrust support.

Common causes of errors

  • Browser extensions such as I Don't Care About Cookies can hide the cookie banner
  • Browser extensions such as uBlock Origin may break the Capture Records of Consent¬†feature
  • If you change settings in a Cookie Compliance templates or make changes to Geolocation rules, you must republish the CDN scripts in Cookie Compliance before the changes are reflected for users. It can take up to 4 hours for changes to be reflected
  • When you paste and submit a Cookie Compliance CDN Script in Intellum, the platform checks to ensure that only script tags related to Cookie Compliance are included. The platform will reject any submissions that include unrelated JavaScript tags
  • Manual categorization of cookies after the CDN script is published requires that the CDN script be republished
  • After enabling OneTrust, the CDN script value is not reflected in the admin UI. The CDN script value can be see by reviewing the beginning of the HTML head tag in Learner-facing pages

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