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Users are your people--the employees, partners, or customers that engage with your learning content. Where do your users come from? Depending on your preference or need, users can be created and maintained automatically or manually in Exceed.

This article provides an overview of available user acquisition methods and walks you through accessing and navigating the Users list in the Intellum platform.

User acquisition methods

There are several methods you can employ to add users to your account. Here's a quick breakdown of your options:

Manual creation

  • Create users manually, one-by-one, via the admin interface

Bulk imports & integrations

  • An in-platform bulk import process let's you create multiple users via a .csv uploaded to your account
  • Leverage Exceed’s API v3 to integrate with your HRIS or CRM to create users

Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Let users register for an account by authenticating with an existing user account - like a Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

    • SSO can also refer to a set up that allows user accounts to be passed from a specific internal application to Intellum for a seamless account creation experience


  • Enable self-registration for an organization and invite users to create an account through a customized sign-in page

Users list

After your users are added to the platform, you can access and manage user accounts through the Users list.

To access the Users list, click Users in the admin nav panel.

By default, the Users list reflects the active users in your account. Use the search tool to quickly locate a user account. The following admin options are available from the Users list - based on your admin permission level:

1.) New User

  • Create a new user manually, on an ad-hoc basis.

2.) Import

  • Upload a .csv file to bulk import new users or make updates to existing user accounts

3.) Filter

  • Filter the User list to see Active or Inactive users - or open the Advanced filter. The Advanced filter lets you build a custom query to filter the list by one or more user properties. You can also create a Saved filter for common user queries.

Click the x icon on the filter banner to remove an Advanced filter - as seen below:

User options

User options appear when you select a user from the list via the checkbox to the left of their name. The following options appear at the top left of the Users list:

1.) Edit

  • Click Edit to access a user account to review or update Enrollments, External Credits, or user Properties. You can only edit one user at a time

2.) Deactivate/Activate

  • Make one or more selected user accounts inactive by clicking the Deactivate button.
  • To reactivate a user, filter the Users list to view Inactive user. Select the user you wish to reactivate and click the Activate button.

3.) More

  • Letter - send an ad hoc letter to one or more selected users. Choose to send an existing letter, or create custom letter.
  • Assign to Organization - assign one or more selected users to a specific organization. A pop-up modal will display a dropdown list of available organizations
  • Announcement - send an ad hoc notification to one or more selected users
  • Merge - merge a redundant user account while retaining information and enrollments.

Heads Up!

Deactivating a user does not delete their information or their enrollments. Deactivating means the user can no longer log in or access the platform.

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