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Bulk user imports are an efficient way to add or update multiple user accounts in the Intellum platform. Unrestricted admin bulk import user data to the Intellum platform via a .csv file. This type of import can be user to create new users or update existing users by overwriting their current properties.

How it Works

First, you'll download a sample file to use as a template to create your import file. Then, you'll add your user data to create an import file that will map your user data to user  fields in the platform. Finally, you'll upload your file through the Bulk user import page to add, and/or update, user accounts.

Things to note:

  • Users created by import default to the Student user authority.
  • .csv file is required for the import.
  • There is no undo for bulk user imports. Issues caused by a bulk import can be resolved by fixing the file and repeating the import process.

Create an import file

If it's your first time bulk importing users, visit the Bulk user import page to download a sample file that you can use as a template to create an import file for your user data.

  1. Navigate to the Users list via the Users iconin the admin nav panel.

  2. Click Import.

  3. The Bulk user import page opens.

  4. Click the linked text to download a sample file.

A sample import file can be downloaded from the Bulk user import page.

Heads Up! | Setting up your import file

  • If you're creating new users, users code must be unique to the platform
  • If you're updating existing users, use their existing user codes
  • Every column in the sample file must be included in your import file. If you don't have data for a column,  you can leave it blank
  • An import file that includes existing users will overwrite existing data in a user account - this includes removing data if a column is left blank
  • User data is required in columns A-E for a successful import

Bulk import users

The Bulk user import page features notes and instructions to walk you through a successful import. You will find a sample import file linked on the page that can be used as a template to create an import file of your user data.

The page also features a table highlighting the structure and description of each column included in the bulk user import file. This information is also available in a downloadable spreadsheet on the page.

The column structure and descriptions can be reviewed on the Bulk user import page.

With your .csv import file prepared, follow these steps to bulk import users:

An import file upload on the Bulk activity import page.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Choose File.

  2. Select the .csv file you created for your bulk user import.

  3. Click Upload.

After uploading your file, you are given the opportunity to preview the information to validate your columns and data.

    4. Preview your import to validate the data and the column structure.

    5. Select a default timezone for the users you are importing.

    6. Click Import File.

New users will appear in the User list after a successful import.

Imported users are added to the User list in the platform.

Heads Up!

If you don't see your new users right away, check the System Log to follow up on the status of your import file. Large imports may be queued before being completed.

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