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Groups are objects to help administrators manage users who share common attributes. Utilizing groups lets you target segments of your learning audience with custom access to content and automatic assignment of learning activities.

This article walks you through managing and updating group membership for manual and auto groups

Access & manage group members

Access an existing manual or auto group from the Groups list.

Click the Members tab at the top left of the group page. You'll see a list of users who are members of the group.

The following options are available:

  • Add new member - click this button to display a pop-up box that allows you to choose users to add to this Group. This is how you will add users to your Manual Group, although you can add ad hoc members to your Auto Group this way as well.
  • Import - You can import users into this Group using a .csv file.
  • Filter - You can filter the user list on this page by Active or Inactive users.

Remove a user who was manually added to a group:

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of a user.
  2. A Revoke manual membership button appears at the top of the page.
  3. Click this button and click OK in the confirmation pop-up to remove this user from the Group.

Remove a user from who was automatically added to a group:

The only way to remove users who were automatically added to a group is to redefine the filter criteria for the group. Users who match the new criteria will automatically be added, and those that no longer match the criteria will automatically be removed.

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