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Groups are objects to help administrators manage users who share common attributes. Utilizing groups lets you target segments of your learning audience with custom access to content and automatic assignment of learning activities.

This article walks you through creating a new group.

Create a new group

Follow these steps to create a new group: click

1.) Click  Create New Group from the Groups list.

2.) On the Create New Group page, you will see a short list of              fields required to define your new Group:

  • Name - give your Group a name that makes sense contextually.
  • Code - the code is a unique identifier for your Group, and it will identify said Group via the integrations and reporting elements of it.
  • Summary - a description of your Group.
  • Auto Find Users - if you leave this box unchecked, this Group will be a Manual Group. If checked, a Filter section will appear and you will need to define the filters to make this Group an Auto Group. You may use many of the available User fields to make a decision regarding the criteria for the type of Auto Group you want to define. You can add more filters to the query by using the blue + sign. To remove a filter, simply click the - button.

    • Adding different columns for filtering creates an AND operator in your query and narrows your search.
    • Adding the same column for filtering creates an OR operator in your query and broadens your search.

   3.) When you are finished, click Create.

After creating the group, the following fields are added to the page:

  • Available Applications - Groups defined in the Intellum Platform can be used to regulate access in our other applications if you are using them. Check the box next to each app you would like the Groups to be able to access.
  • Catalog Restrictions - you can restrict catalog enrollment for specific Activities to users in this Group.
  • Topic Restrictions - you can restrict which users can access specific topics in this Group.
  • Auto Enrollments - this field is informational only and it will display which Activities are set up to create enrollments automatically for members of this Group.

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