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Assessments, Evaluations, and Surveys let you test, evaluate, and follow up with learners to help build knowledge, assess skill, and drive engagement with the content in your catalog. All Assessments share 12 standard assessment question types that can be used to build the follow up content you need.

This article gives a short overview of each Question Type available in the platform and includes a visual example of how the question type appears to learners.

Question Type Examples

The full list of 11 standard assessment questions in the platform is broken down here by scored and unscored question types. Assessments can include both scored and unscored questions.

Scored Question Types

Multiple Choice

  • Enter a question and multiple answer options. Multiple answers can be set as correct, learners can select all that apply.

Multiple Choice questions can be set up to require that a user selects the same number of choices as there are correct answers for a question - as seen below:

Multiple Choice (Single Answer)

  • Enter a question and multiple answer options. Learners can select only one answer from the options.


  • Enter a statement and learners must choose if the statement is True or False in the context of the learning.


  • Enter a question with answers placed in sequential order. Learners must then place the answers in the correct order.

Heads Up!

For Sequence questions, you must place the answers in the correct sequential order, but the order of answers will be randomized for learners.


  • Enter a statement/question and pairs of matching answers. Learners must match second column content to content in the first column.

Heads Up!

For Matching questions, you must ensure your answers align with correct matches. Answers will be randomized for learners.

Unscored Question Types


  • Set up answers in a grid template. Grid Row labels are the items to be rated by the users. Grid Column labels define the rating scale for the user.

Grid (Column Values):

  • Same set up as a Grid question with a numerical value also assigned to each column (from 1 to the total # of columns included). Column values provide an additional metric when analyzing user response.


  • Add a question or statement. Add Rank options to let user rank the question or statement on a numerical scale (From 1 to 5,) or with corresponding Labels (default is Least to Most, i.e. Agree to Disagree).

Text (Short):

  • Add a prompt or question to ask learners to answer with a single word or sentence.

Text (Long):

  • Add a prompt or question to ask learners for an answer that requires multiple sentences or paragraphs.


  • Add a question or scenario and ask the learner to answer by uploading a file (video, image, .csv, Word, PDF, etc.).


  • Enter a question where learners must choose the one or more correct answers.

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