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Letters are platform-generated emails that let you communicate with your users. As an admin, you can easily review the letters sent to a learner.

You can check that in one of three ways:

  • View a learner's letter log history

  • Run a letter log report

  • Visit the system log to see which letters have been sent, when, and to whom

This article walks you through accessing a learner's letter log history.

Access a user's letter log history

To view a user's Letter Log History:

  1. Navigate to the Properties page of any user.
  2. Scroll to find the Maintenance section in Properties.
  3. Click Letter log history.

A Letter log history gives you a list of all letters sent to a user. The Letter Name, Letter Type, Activity for which the letter was sent, and Date Sent are all displayed on this page.

You can also run a Letter Log report from the Reports tab to collect more in-depth data about letters sent to users.

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