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Training credits allow you to create redeemable codes that can be purchased by users and distributed amongst their teams in order to provide access to paid content.

This article will cover how training credits can be created, associated reports, and the learner experience.


Sell bulk access to content by creating training credits. This makes it easier for your users to distribute access to paid content without having individual team members make a direct payment. This also removes the hurdle of users making multiple purchases for each person on their team.

With training credits, you have the ability to do the following:

  • Create training credits for a specific group or activity

  • Assign a training credit owner

  • Set an expiration date for credits created

  • Track training credit balances

  • View training credit reports

Things to note

  • Training credit amounts will be reflected in USD.

  • While training credits can be created within the Intellum platform, users will need to purchase credits outside of Intellum via whichever payment method you and your user choose.

  • Intellum does not manage or facilitate payments for training credits at this time.

  • The discount tab for coupon and training credit creation will only be visible for accounts with the eCommerce feature flag enabled.

Create training credits

Click the Discounts tab in the admin dashboard. Next, click Training Credits.

On the training credits page, you will find a list of credits that have already been created — if applicable. The following information will be available for each credit:

  • The redeeming value of a credit
  • A credit's association with an activity or group
  • The owner of a specific credit
  • The remaining amount of a credit
  • An expiration date if one has been added

Click New Training Credit to begin. Complete the fields accordingly:

  1. Activity or Group: Select whether the credit will apply to an activity or group. The credit can be applied to all activities or groups, or specific activities or groups. Credits cannot be changed from a group to an activity, or vice-versa, at a later date. However, it is possible to change which activity or group it is associated with.
  2. Redeemable Value: This will be the total value that can be redeemed by learners to enroll in activities.
  3. Remaining Amount: The dollar amount remaining for a credit after it has been used. This field is automatically generated and updated by the Intellum platform.
  4. Purchase Price: The total value spent to purchase the training credit. Differences between redeemable value and purchase price represent the discounted rate for using training credits if applicable.
  5. External ID: This is an optional field. Provide an ID for a training credit that be cross-referenced in external systems, i.e. the payment processor from where the credit was purchased.
  6. Owner: The owner of the credit.
  7. Expires: The expiration date of the credit.
  8. Redemption Code: This is an optional field. Create a code that learners will enter to redeem their credit. If left blank, the system will generate a code on your behalf.
  9. Status: Decide whether the credit you create is active or inactive.
  10. Notes: This is an optional field. Enter any notes associated with the training credit.

Click Create.

Manage training credits

Edit a specific credit by clicking the checkbox next to the credit you would like to update.

Heads Up!

While credits can be deleted or deactivated in bulk, only one credit can be edited at one time.

Edit: Make changes to any fields that need to be updated and click Update. You can also view the history of changes that have been made to the credit by clicking Changes history underneath the Update button.

Delete: Deleting a credit removes it from the system. This action cannot be undone.

Deactivate: Deactivating a credit temporarily makes it unavailable. To locate a deactivated credit, use the Status filter. You can delete or re-activate any deactivated credits.

Search for deactivated credits using the Status filter. The second image shows the results of a search for an inactive credit.

Learner experience

After a credit has been purchased and distributed, a learner will enter the redemption code for the activity they wish to access and click Apply Coupon.

Learners can redeem the code to access content without having to enter credit card information.

Things to note

  • When a learner is unenrolled from an activity, they will need to re-enter their redemption code in order to gain access.

  • If the remaining balance on the training credit will not cover the cost of the activity, there will be an insufficient balance error message.

  • Partial payments cannot be made using credits.

  • Only one code can be applied at a time. This means that multiple training credits or coupon codes cannot be combined.


There are two report types associated with training credits:

  • Coupons and Training Credits: Details record for every coupon and training credit created.
  • Purchases: Details redemptions of training credits and coupons, as well as all non-redemption code purchases.

To create and download a report, navigate to the admin dashboard and click Reports > New Report. Select a report from the drop-down menu as shown in the image below:

You can add, remove, or reorder report columns as needed to create a report specific to your data needs.

For more details on reporting within the Intellum platform, you can read more by clicking the link below:

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