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Tribe is a secure social media application within the Intellum platform designed to help you build connections with other learners. Tribes gives you a space to ask questions and share ideas - or articles, photos, videos, favorite new music (you get the idea...)

With a user experience similar to other social platforms, Tribe can help build your organizational culture, spark new ideas, and create better learning connections and experiences between you and your peers - all from your desktop, laptop or mobile device with Tribe and the Tribe mobile app.

Accessing Tribe

Groups within Tribe are focused on specific user audiences. As a Tribe user,  you may be invited to join a Group via a shared link - or - you may be added to a Group based on your existing group memberships in the Intellum platform.

When you follow an Invite Link shared by an administrator, you are immediately added to the appropriate Tribe - as seen below:

If your organization uses Tribe and builds its Tribe Groups around groups in the Intellum platform,  you can access Tribe through the Apps Launcher  - the menu near your user profile icon - as seen below:

Open the Apps Launcher and click the Tribe icon to launch directly into Tribe.

Tribe is all about sharing and making connections, so we've made the interface simple to use and easy to understand.

We promise to do the same for this overview of features...

You'll find your Tribe Groups listed on the left of screen, you can switch between each Group or get an aggregate view of your feeds in All Groups.

Use the search bar to track down posts or comments, or search your feeds for posts and comments from a particular user by entering the @[user name] format in the search bar (i.e. @Lewis Smith).


Group Settings give you control of the email notifications for, and even your membership in, a particular Group. Click the gear icon to access a group's settings.

Group settings give you access to:

  • Leave a group
  • Review the description for the group
  • Update your notification settings
  • Subscribe to a daily digest email of notifications

Settings in your All Groups feed let you filter which groups' activities are included in All Groups. Simply select, or deselect, a group and click Update.

Share Something (AKA Drop some knowledge...)

To start building connections,  you've got to put yourself out there - might we recommend a post on Tribe?

Click into the blank field labeled Drop some knowledge to start a new Tribe post. Upload a file or add a link to go along with your post - image, audio, video and document files are supported. When you're done, click the Tribe It button.

Alongside a standard Post, you can also connect with your peers through:

  • Q&A posts - When you ask a question, you and other Tribe members can rate how useful each answer is. The best answer rises to the top.
  • Poll posts - Poll Tribe members with a simple list of options. After voting, members can see the results of the poll.

Your posts are instantly shared with Tribe members - and give you access to Edit or Delete the post, as needed.

Tribe Social | Mobile Apps

Add the Tribe Social mobile app to your Android or iOS device to stay connected to your Tribe streams, notifications, and Tribe Chat.

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