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In 2019, the Intellum Platform user experience was submitted to Online ADA for an accessibility audit. Based on the auditor findings, project time in Q3 was devoted to making changes in coding and design to improve identified accessibility shortcomings. Including changes to improve accessibility for new features and aspects that may have been blocked from auditors' view by the issues they found, this work amounted to approximately 100 GitHub tickets.

At the end of 2019, the auditors reviewed the learner experience again. In their follow-up, the auditors noted that the initial work was "the cleanest first-pass of remediation from any client we've served in 2019"; and in March 2020, Intellum received Level AA Accessibility Certification.

We remain diligent in our efforts to maintain certification, and will periodically obtain third-party validation of our compliance. Intellum is committed to building a learning platform that’s equally accessible to all users, regardless of physical limitation. As your trusted partner, we’re also committed to ensuring that your learning environment and content is accessible, by offering guidance on such elements as text alternatives for video, theming colors that meet contrast requirements, and providing "alt" text for images with meaningful content while avoiding images of text.