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This article provides an overview of the various menu styles available for courses in Evolve.

There are 6 different menu styles available to use in Evolve courses:

  • Standard
  • Box
  • Cover
  • Map
  • Playlist
  • Swipe

These options can be found in the Extensions tab where you can select the menu style you'd like to use.

Edit course menu

You can edit a course's menu in two areas, the course editor and the page editor. This section is broken down into two parts to go over each area.

Course Editor

Click Edit Course Settings from the course builder.

Scroll down to and click on the menu tab. As a note, depending on which menu style you are currently using, the name of your menu tab can change. The submenu on the left-hand side can be used to navigate the editable areas of the menu.

Page Editor

To access the page editor select the blue edit icon at the top of the page builder.

Within the page editor, you will see a menu tab specific to the menu style you have chosen. Once that is clicked, you can make further changes to your menu style.

Set up the Box menu

The Box menu allows you to set up a menu with images within your page items and set the number of items within a row.

You will need to set the menu up in the course editor and the page editor.

An example of the Box menu style.

Course Editor Settings

  1. Select Box Menu from the menu list under the Extensions tab
  2. Return to the Course Builder and select Edit Course Settings
  3. Scroll down and select the Box Menu tab
  4. Use the submenu to edit the items you need

Within the submenu you can:

  • Add a hero image along with a title and body text
  • Add a floating hero graphic
  • Add a header graphic to the menu header
  • Add a background image to the menu

In the Settings section of the submenu you can:

  • Show Progress Bars on Menu Items showing the % progress of each page
  • Show Completion status showing ‘Complete’ once a page is completed
  • Set the number of items per row on desktop and tablet (up to 4)
  • Set the layout of the content within the item to vertical

Page Editor Settings

In the page editor, you can add individual images for each page within the menu and page descriptions.

First, select the blue edit icon on the page in the page builder.

Select the Box Menu Item tab. Then, add the Box Menu Item Image - for each page, you should ensure the images are consistently sized.

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