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This article provides an overview of what open graph meta tags and canonical links are and how they contribute to SEO for your site.

Open Graph

Open Graph meta tags are also included in the source code of each activity in your catalog. If you allow sharing of your learning activities, the Open Graph tags control exactly how that content is seen, and/or accessed, by the audience, it's shared with - like the activity information used in a user's post to social media or the link that's copied to a user's clipboard.

Canonical links are included in the headers of each activity in your catalog. Since the Intellum platform can share learning content across Organizations, your content may be accessed by users via multiple URLs. When defined, canonical links help contribute to SEO.

A canonical link included in the header of the source code of an activity in the Intellum platform.

The canonical link tag included in an activity's source code tells a search engine that those similar URLs are actually the same. It does this by specifying the canonical URL. In Intellum, that means the default URL of the activity.

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