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Week of Monday, March 22

Intellum v44.34.1

  • Events - Fixed an issue where Events with enrollment requests could not be deleted by administrators.
  • Letters - Fixed an issue where scheduled enrollment letters were being sent prematurely.


No Tribe release this week

Evolve v8.2.12

  • Infographic Component – Fixed issue where article styles were not applying in fullscreen to tooltips.

  • Video Stream – Youtube player “Video Starts At” option should now work again.

  • Translations – Fixed issue with xliff files from Evolve not importing correctly into third-party tools such as SmartCat and Matecat.

  • Appearance – When changing the theme, the course state is not updated to Editing (when using automatic course states).

  • Course Import – Fixed issue where courses from newer systems would not import into older ones.

  • Users

    • Fixed issue where a user’s role could not be changed from reviewer to editor.
    • When you register a user with an email address that’s already registered, an error message should display again.

Week of Monday, March 15

Intellum v44.34.0

  • Fixed an issue where facilitators received an error after grading assessments

  • Fixed an issue where the bold HTML tag was not rendering in assessment questions

  • Fixed an issue where administrators received a SQL error when using the ‘Hide Row Detail’ function in reports


No Tribe release this week

Evolve v8.2.11

  • Page Completion Display Method – Fixed issue where the component's selector was failing to load correctly.

Week of Monday, March 8

Intellum v44.33.0

  • Fixed an issue where coupon codes were not working for some users

  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements


No Tribe release this week

Evolve v8.2.10

  • Logic – Fixed logic variables not being correctly restored from SCORM suspend data.

  • Video Stream Component – Fixed completion issue when multiple Youtube video stream components are present on a page.

Storage Extension & Firebase Update

As part of ongoing reviews of our features within Evolve, we have taken the decision to deprecate the Storage Extension, along with making updates to components related to it.

The updates will include:

  • Removing the Storage extension

  • Removing the Discussion component

  • Updating the Social MCQ and Survey components to work with Bloom and Exceed LMS tracking

We intend to deprecate this in May 2021 with further communications nearer the time.

Please be aware that any course that has been published will continue to work with Firebase (if enabled) however once the update has been rolled out and a course re-published the functionality will no longer be available.

Week of Monday, March 1

Intellum v44.32.0

  • Added SEO fields to activity Catalog Properties

  • Fixed an issue where the video size option was missing from pages

  • Various bug fixes and improvements


No release this week

Evolve 8.2.9

  • Logic

    • Added ability to save Exceed User Data Properties to variables. This is done in the Learner section in “Edit Course Settings”. View the guide here.
    • Added new trigger action called Set Article Style. This allows changing the article style of all of the selected articles to the selected article style
  • Graphic Component – Added the ability to display a magnifier when the learner hovers over/touches the image.

  • Drag & Drop Component – Added ability to randomize items and drop zones.

  • Hotgraphic Component – When an item is using the hotspot type of “Number Item”, the Hotspot Completed Aria Label should now work. The item number should now use the component item font family instead of a default browser font.

  • Card Drop Component – When revisiting a completed card drop component, the final card that was dropped should no longer replay its drop animation.

  • Content Locking Extension – When the course contains a confidence slider component, the content locking unlock dialog should now display.

  • Question Banks Extension – Empty display title from a question bank component should no longer overwrite target question display title.

  • Assets – When replacing an image asset with a smaller image size, the course should now the new asset in live preview.

Week of Monday, February 22

Intellum v44.31.0

  • Resolved an issue where managers of users could not see their direct report’s topics.
  • Fixed issue where dropping a Path enrollment unlocked parts of the path when a user revisited it.


No release this week


No release this week

Week of Monday, February 15

Intellum v44.30.1

  • Fixed an issue where Restricted Admin user could see all content when adding content to Paths

  • Fixed an issue where editing content in versioning caused an error

  • Fixed an issue where admin received an error when merging user profiles

  • Fixed an issuer where users could not ‘Mark As Complete’ when an activity was within a Path

  • Various updates to make the student view more accessible


No release this week

Evolve v8.2.8

  • Added functionality to the Simulation component to allow pasting of screens from one course to another

  • Fixed issue with xAPI course completion not working outside of Logic completion

  • Fixed issue with Logic Triggers enabling/disabling across multiple sessions when published to SCORM and Exceed

  • Fixed issue with Live Preview not loading from a review link in a generated email

  • Fixed issue with re-ordering of pages not being reflected in Course Navigation correctly

Week of Monday, February 8

Intellum v44.30.0

  • Added the ability to display hero images on the home page in a carousel

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when publishing a version of an activity that contains a video


No Tribe release this week.

Evolve v8.2.7

  • Fixed Tabs component issue to ensure visited tab headers correctly display hover color

  • Fixed Theme setting for Menu Control Icon Color to correctly display disabled color

  • Fixed issue concerning xAPI working in conjunction with Logic triggers to set course completion

  • Fixed issue to ensure Article Indicator extension scrolling to Article level instead of Component level

  • Fixed Logic issue to ensure Reset Components action working correctly

Week of Monday, February 1

Intellum v44.29.0

  • Fixed an issue where English text was showing for some non-English locales on the Assessments results page.

  • Fixed an issue where some page activities would show an error when publishing a page activity that contained an image.

  • Fixed an issue where you could see a 404 error when sending an ad-hoc announcement.


No updates this week.

Evolve v8.2.6

  • Improved the Linked Confidence Slider Component to display learner’s previous response on the slider itself

  • Added Aria Label field to the Hot Graphic component to notify screen reader users of completed state

  • Added Aria Label fields to the Open Input component to alert screen reader users to the activation of Save and Clear buttons

Week of Monday, January 25

Intellum v44.28.0

  • Fixed an issue where some admins were receiving a 403 error when publishing activities with images

  • Fixed an issue where some actions links directed user to a ‘broken link’ page

  • Fixed an issue where some activities that contained PDF files could not be published

  • Fixed an issue where admin users could not access a user’s properties page


No updates this week.

Evolve v8.2.5

  • Logic

    • Translating a course using HTML should no longer cause variables to stop working when placed inside body text.
    • Variable text should now correctly wrap onto a new line.
  • Exceed Publish – When converting a course to ‘Managed by Exceed’ using the ‘Set as Managed By Exceed’ button, Evolve will send the name of the user who converted the course to Exceed. Exceed should now populate the ‘Author’ field using this name.

  • IE 11 Support Update - In line with Microsoft’s announcement in August 2020 that they will no longer be supporting IE11, we’re letting you know that Evolve will no longer support IE11 as of March 31st, 2021. We have developed Evolve continuously over the last few years and evergreen browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have enabled us to enhance user experiences to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, the need to also support IE11 increases development time and limits how far we can take the product.

    Please be aware this does not mean that Evolve courses won’t work in IE11, rather that no support will be provided for any issues that may arise.

Our recommendation is to explore switching to Microsoft Edge as per Microsoft’s announcement.

Week of Monday, January 18

Intellum v44.27.0

  • Fixed an issue where timezones in GoToTraining were incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the completion checkmark was not displaying for autocompleted Pages within a Path.

Tribe v1.38.0

  • Changed the way we process videos in order to ensure they are performant as possible.

  • Fixed issue where the notification badge count of the mobile app was not working correctly.

  • Adjusted the logic for the yellow “loss of connectivity” bar that shows up in Chat, to eliminate false positives.

  • Changed logic of link URLs to only be clickable and generate link preview if link has protocol, to avoid unintended link previews.

Evolve v8.2.4

  • Media Carousel Component – Items now have the option of displaying the item image in a light box.

  • Narrative Component – Items now have the option of displaying the item image in a light box.

  • Simulation Component – The window should now scroll to the results dialog when displayed even if the Show Results Restart Button is not displayed.

  • Hotgraphic Component – Inline items should now use the Component Item Content Body Text Styles – background color.

Week of Monday, January 11

Intellum v44.26.0

  • Fixed an issue where admin forms did not have enough padding.

  • Fixed an issue where some letter types where not sending at the correct time.

  • Fixed a typo in the graded messaging on a facilitated assessment.

  • Fixed an issue where a published activity was not respecting the section order property.

  • Added the page outline property to course imports.

  • Fixed an issue where authenticating with Webex could fail.

  • Fixed an issue where the page outline feature was not respecting the organization color.


No Tribe release this week.

Evolve v8.2.3

  • Game Component

    • Fixed issue where if you exit or refresh the course once a question is answered but the next one hasn’t displayed yet, the component becomes “stuck” on the last question that was completed before exit/refresh. This only happened when the course was on Exceed or Bloom.
    • Added Ability to display a next question button that appears when a question is completed. Setting the “Next Question Button Text” in the “Game General” section will cause the button to appear.
  • Media Component – The audio description section was showing unused fields for the audio description button.

  • Logic – String type variables should now keep any line breaks when displayed inside body text using the text editor.

  • Reflection Extension

    • Added setting to only show completed components in the reflection download pdf.
    • Added setting to hide the learner name in the reflection download pdf.
  • Course Navigation Extension – When publishing using the LMS preset, an empty page should no longer be added to menus without pages.

Week of Monday, January 4

Intellum v44.25.0

  • Fixed issue where the ampersand character was displaying as "&" on the Catalog Home Page.
  • Added versioning support for Letter Trigger Group Restrictions.
  • Fixed issue where max attempts were displaying for some users although the max attempts were set to ‘none’.

Tribe v1.37.0

  • [Released 12/29/2020] New Custom Application Name field - Organization owners are now able to change the name of “Tribe” to a custom name of their choosing. Just go to your Organization Admin settings and click on the Properties tab to see the new field.

Evolve v8.2.2

  • Card Drop Component – The reset button is no longer displayed if only 1 attempt is set in the editor.

  • Dialog Component – When the “Start Dialog Automatically?” setting is enabled, the dialog should now always start automatically after live preview has been updated with any changes made in the editor.

  • Media Carousel Component – When the course is set to RTL mode and viewed on mobile, the carousel no longer turns blank momentarily after sliding to the next item.

  • Branching component – Language export files should now contain the text from the ‘Display Full Story Button Text’ field.

  • Infographic Component – When an item is set to scroll to an article/block/component and the course is published, the scrolling should now work.

  • Hotgraphic Component

    • The hotgraphic pin editor should now position the pin much more accurately.
    • Fixed issue where RTL was not working with item title/body when using tooltip items.
  • Simulation Component – When using the button action “Submit Screen and Navigate To Screen” on a screen that also ends the simulation, the simulation component should now set to complete.

  • Tabs component – Fixed issue where the tab item content was showing a nested bullet points style on android.

  • Logic – When navigating to content on the same page, the page should now scroll smoothly in the Safari browser.

  • Dialogs – Fixed issue where the dialog title outline was visible even when “Course Focus Outline Color” in the theme is not set to a color.

  • Footer Navigation – Line breaks are missing from the page display title inside the footer.

  • Text Editor – The Force Left Align setting should no longer override RTL mode.