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Intellum offers two integrations to help streamline the development and delivery of Evolve content in the platform. You can integrate Intellum instances within Evolve to publish content directly to the platform. Or, enable Managed in Exceed features in the Intellum platform to be able to create new Evolve courses, edit in them Evolve, and sync updates — all within the platform.

This article introduces you to the Evolve integrations available for the Intellum platform.

Publish to Exceed

When an Intellum instance is integrated within Evolve, you can publish Evolve courses directly to the Intellum platform, or publish Evolve Native courses for upload as new E-Learning activities in the platform.

Publish directly

You'll see a Publish option for each Intellum instance integrated in Evolve. Select Publish to add, or update, the Evolve Native course to an instance.

A new E-Learning activity is created in the platform when you publish a course directly from Evolve.

Publish for upload

Select Publish Course Zip to download an Evolve Native course package.

Create a new E-Learning activity in the platform to upload the course package.

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Managed in Exceed

Managed in Exceed features combine the content management power of the Intellum platform with the content authoring power of Evolve to help you map out your learning journey while building engaging learner experiences.

Managed in Exceed features allow you to:

  • Create Evolve courses directly within the Intellum platform as stand-alone activities or as activities within a path

  • Link directly to an Evolve course from within the Intellum platform in order to build, edit, or update the course in Evolve

  • Sync the latest updates from an Evolve course from within the Intellum platform

Learn more about this integration:

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