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Learning Objectives are the heart of good instructional design, organizing content, providing a framework for learners to approach new concepts, and connecting engagement with learning outcomes in ways that can be measured and improved.

They serve as a roadmap for educators to tailor their teaching methods and materials effectively, ensuring that each element of the course contributes to these objectives.

Clear learning objectives speed up the acquisition and practical application of learner knowledge, enhancing both motivation and the effectiveness of the learning experience.


Create learning objectives from scratch or let AI do it for you!

Seamlessly link learner engagement to tangible outcomes. Craft strategic learning objectives for Paths and Activities, or leverage the power of AI for automated objective generation.

  • Easily add, edit, or delete objectives.

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Learning Objectives

Craft strategic objectives for Paths and Activities to consistently set expectations for included content and learning outcomes.

Learners see clear objectives at the start of every Path and Activity.

AI Labs: Automated Learning Objectives

Automatically generate meaningful Learning Objectives for Paths and Activities with a click.

Available to enable as part of Intellum AI Labs.

Quickly generate learning objectives from your existing content.

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