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This article provides instructions for adding Gold to your Gamification strategy.

How do I enable Gold?

To enable Gold:

  1. Log into Intellum.
  2. Go to Admin view.
  3. Expand the lefthand-side menu and click "Settings."
  4. Click on the Gamification tab.
  5. Scroll down and look for the section about Gold.
  6. Click "On" for all audiences or choose "Specified groups" to restrict Gold to groups you've created.
Enabling Gold within Intellum by clicking Settings and then clicking on "On" underneath the section for Gold.
Enabling Gold within Settings.

You can enable Gold for all learners by clicking "On*,"* or you can restrict who can use Gold by assigning Groups.

Setting up Gold

Once you've enabled Gold, you can now:

  1. Choose which Groups can use Gold (if you chose "Specified groups" when enabling Gold).
  2. Set a Cap (limit) on the max amount of Gold each learner can earn in a calendar year. This is useful to align with your budget for incentives.
  3. Insert a Redemption URL for the storefront you will use. This is the website, whether yours or a third party's, where users will be able to redeem Gold.
Gold settings: enabling for specific Groups, a Cap to limit how much can be earned, and a box to add a storefront URL.
Options for setting up Gold to your specifications.


Connecting Gold to storefronts is in progress. More details to come!

Once you've set up Gold, you will be able to assign Gold to related activities and Challenges so learners can start earning!

How do I assign Gold?

Assign Gold to learning content

To assign Gold to any piece of content, whether an activity or course:

  1. Go to the Properties tab for that piece of content.
  2. Click on the Gamification section.
  3. Scroll down to the Gold section to add a "Gold Value." Enter a numerical amount here.
Three steps to add a "Gold Value" to any piece of content.

Once a learner passes the activity, course, video, e-Learning, etc., Intellum will credit the assigned amount of Gold to their profile.

Assign Gold to a credential

Assigning Gold to a credential is the same as adding Gold to any piece of content. Since credentials are tied to content, you will assign Gold on the same page under Properties > Gamification as before.

Below is a course with its Gamification settings completely filled out. Scroll through the image and note how the admin has added:

  • Skills Tags
  • Reputation
  • Credential details
  • and Gold at the very bottom (outlined with a gold box)
All of the Gamification settings filled out under Properties for a course. At the bottom, a gold box outlines the field for adding a Gold Value for completing the course. A credential's details are filled out as well.
A course with all of its Gamification settings filled out.

Once the learner earns the credential, they will see the amount of Gold credited to their profile.

An earned credential pops-up with 80 Gold earned at the bottom.
Gold earned with a credential.

Likewise, when they pass a course or activity with Gold assigned, it will display the credited amount at the top of the page.

Message at top of an Activity: "150 Gold earned"
Gold earned for passing an activity.

Once you've added Gold values to learning content and credentials, your learners can start earning for learning!

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