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Introducing Intellum Insights, a strategic add-on for the Intellum Platform that arms you with the data you need to prove initiative success and make educated content decisions, ensuring desired learner and business outcomes, through standard, easy-to-understand data dashboards.

Industry Standards

Preset metrics provide a standard measurement of success, with high- and low-level details as well as prescriptive data and benchmarks—all backed by 22 years of industry experience.

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

At-a-glance dashboards surface actionable insights across the platform, key initiatives and individual activities and learning paths, including search performance, user acquisition, content engagement, course completion and efficacy, and learner feedback.

Meaningful Segmentation

Quick filters focus dashboard results on the audiences, content topics, and learning styles specific to your area of responsibility or strategic importance.

Learner Journey Visibility

Follow learners as they engage and interact with your content and platform—from enrollments to activities to courses and more—for a true understanding of the learner experience and to inform content strategy.

Custom Queries and Data Transparency

Create more specific and customized reports with one-click access to hourly refreshed platform data—allowing you to track in-platform data alongside other metrics in your BI tool.

Why Intellum Insights?

Not everyone has a dedicated data analyst team. Intellum Insights does the heavy lifting for your learning program managers, LMS admins, and instructional designers looking for actionable data.

Here are several benefits of the Insights module:

Get the big picture

When you build an Initiative on Intellum, you add related content and Groups. Once created, Insights tracks this targeted data, giving you a birds-eye view of how the initiative is performing:

A dashboard visualizing "Completion" data on completed and abandoned rates for courses.
A dashboard visualizing "Completion" data.

Filter your data

Once you create an Initiative, Insights can break your data down using a variety of filters:

  • Audiences: Any combo of Groups on the Intellum Platform.

  • Topics: Topics you’ve assigned to this Initiative reflect the content being tracked.

  • Time: Review data from a range of times.

Clicking the "Last 90 days" under the Time filter in a data dashboard.
Filter options lets you control the data's view.

You can multi-select filters. For example, if you want to see data on multiple audiences, like an employee Group and a customer Group, you can select those under the Audiences tab to see the data.

Be proactive with your content by tracking your learners’ most common questions and pain points with the new global Search dashboard:

Data on your learning site's top search queries and conversion rates listed on a dashboard.
The top search queries listed.

This dashboard shows your total searches, how many unique users have searched, and your conversion rate (the percentage of learners clicking into a search result).

Beneath the top-level data, the global Search dashboard lists your top searches and their conversion rates. You can reorder the data, filter it by Time, and download the full results for any part of the dashboard:

Clicking on "CSV" to download full data results for a dashboard field.
Downloading full data results for a dashboard field.

Evaluate and Iterate

Identify effective learning content and those in need of improvement. Insights captures your most abandoned, bounced, and failed pieces of content:

A list of most-abandoned courses listed on a dashboard with a large exclamation point.
Abandoned courses listed with Insights to help you improve content.

Rather than having to investigate each piece of content, Insights gives you the power to identify macro-level trends and then drill down to individual courses or pieces of content.

You can access Insights for a single activity or learning path by clicking on “Insights” when editing any content:

Arrow pointing to the "Insights" tab while editing an activity page on Intellum.
Insight is available on individual pieces of content.

Once you identify underperforming learning content or disengaged audiences, your team will be able to iterate on content for your learners.

What is “Initiatives” on the platform?

There’s also a related module, Initiatives, which is included on the Intellum Platform.

The Initiatives module helps you build and track learning initiatives like onboarding and certification pathways. This is included for all Intellum Platform clients. Admins can access “Initiatives” anytime from the Amin panel within Intellum:

Arrow pointing to an archery target symbol with the word "Initiatives" next to it. This is inside the Admin panel.
Initiatives is one click away in the admin panel!

To learn more about creating Initiatives on the Intellum Platform, check out this article:


Build an Initiative in Framework

Initiatives is designed to give you data about the learning content you deliver through the Intellum platform. When paired with Insights, each initiative you set up offers data-rich dashboards to help you explore learning success and engagement across multiple metrics. This path of articles provides an overview of Initiatives in the Intellum platform, step-by-step instructions for adding an initiative using the Initiative builder, and details for accessing and updating previously created initiatives. 

How does Intellum Insights capture all this learner data?

Insights uses the Intellum Analytics Tracker. It allows the Intellum Platform to present raw learner data on the Insights dashboards. It’s a JavaScript-based tracker which resides within the platform to collect learner data, including:

Standard Learner Data

  • Page views

  • Completions

  • Time on page

  • Link click conversion

  • Timestamps

Expanded Learner Data

  • Events

  • Evolve Authoring interactions

  • E-commerce

  • Intellum Social: Groups, Chat, and Community

  • Mobile app use

How does Insights impact the learner?

The learner experience on the platform will not change.

But, they will see an improvement in your learning content as you examine and iterate on your programs based on the actionable data of Insights.

Learn More

Dive deeper into Intellum Insights and data here:

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