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Intellum E-commerce leverages the secure, open-source Spree Commerce platform for flexibility in your e-commerce setup and your customers' e-commerce experience. When you access E-commerce options in Intellum, you're directed to the Spree Commerce interface for e-commerce options.

This article walks you through accessing E-commerce in the Intellum Platform, and highlights sections of the Spree Commerce interface utilized in e-commerce setup and management.

Access Intellum E-commerce

With Intellum E-commerce enabled for your account, the E-commerce menu item is added to the expanded admin nav panel in the Intellum platform.

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E-commerce lets you configure Spree Commerce setup to enable payment methods, set up taxes, promotions, and review orders in Intellum.

Return to the Intellum Platform

Follow these steps to leave the E-commerce interface and return to the Intellum Platform:

Navigating back to the Intellum platform.
  1. Click on the user profile icon at the top-right of Spree Commerce.
  2. Select Back to Exceed.
  3. You are returned to your Intellum account in Learner View.

Heads up!

Unrestricted Admin not assigned to the Default Organization in your Intellum account are linked back to the Default Org and may be required to navigate to the appropriate subdomain for their assigned Org.

Intellum E-commerce is configured and managed through the Spree Commerce interface. Once enabled for your Intellum account, the work you do to set up and manage e-commerce options takes place in a few key sections:

Higlights of the areas an Unrestricted Admin access in Spree Commerce.
Configurations setup in the Spree Commerce interface.

Configurations lets you add, update and manage e-commerce General Settings, Payment Methods, and Tax Categories and Rates. Completing the setup of those items enables you to tailor purchase options and begin offering paid learning opportunities in your Intellum catalog.

Configurations is also where you'll set up Refund Reasons, Reimbursement Types, and Return Authorization Reasons - or connect to Alavara Avatax.


Orders in the Spree Commerce interface.

Orders is where you'll find a log of all e-commerce transactions from the Intellum Platform. The details of each transaction are recorded and available for review.


Products in the Spree Commerce interface.

Products provides a list of the learning activities available to purchase in your catalog. Products are automatically created when the E-commerce property is enabled and defined at the Group or Activity level in Intellum.

A group or activity's price, and its price variance by Country, can only be managed through the Products list in E-commerce.

Training Credits note:

A default Training Credits product will be added to the Products list if Training Credits are enabled in your account.


Promotions options in the Spree Commerce interface.

Promotions lets you add and manage coupons and discount codes to share with learners. Promotions can be customized as needed and offered based on several actions and rules you set up in Spree Commerce (i.e. purchases greater than $200 automatically qualify for 10% off).

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