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Intellum's connection to Credly rewards your learners will verifiable, shareable, and portable digital credentials for their achievements. Your learners can work towards mastery of a topic and then be awarded a credential they can share with their communities via LinkedIn and their Credly profile.

This article provides an overview of the learner experience with the Credly badges earned for completing activities in the Intellum platform.


Connecting with Credly offers your learners the following benefits:

  • A seamless user experience that awards them with a verifiable, portable digital badge

  • Display and sharing those badges on social media platforms like LinkedIn, demonstrating verifiable achievement of key skills

  • Portable, digital credentials that live with them, not with the issuing organization

When a learner completes an activity with a credential setup that includes a Credly badge, the Credly badge is assigned to the learner as pending.

On assignment, the learner is notified by Credly via email that they can accept the badge:

  • via an automated email
  • through their Credly profile

When the learner accepts, the Credly badge is added to their Credly account.

Sharing Badges

Intellum credentials can always be shared from a learner’s profile within Intellum.

A learner can share their badge from Credly in a variety of ways - as seen below:

Enrollment Statuses & Credly badges

Changes to a learner's enrollment status will affect the status of the badge in the learner's Credly account.

If a learner's completed, passed enrollment is updated to failed - or the completion is revoked - the badge will be removed from the learner's Credly account.

The Intellum expiration date for a credential will transfer over to each equivalent Credly badge earned by a learner.

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