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This guide provides an overview of the steps within the Intellum & Evolve platforms to take an Evolve course through the full end-to-end content workflow: from course creation in the Intellum platform, to editing in Evolve, and through translation.

Heads up!

Translation API steps are outlined between the graphics included in this article since they take place outside of each platform. However, we've included any effect the Translation API has on content within each platform - where appropriate.

Create, edit, and sync Evolve courses

To get started,  you'll create Evolve courses in the Intellum platform. You'll then jump directly into Evolve to develop the course. Use Evolve's built-in Review states to work on course development with your team or collaborators in Evolve.

Once a course is ready, enable Inline mode and set a completion method for the course through Evolve's publish settings. Head back over to the Intellum platform to sync course updates from Evolve.

With an Evolve course synced in Intellum,  your team can use versioning states in the Intellum platform to stage the course for delivery and ready it for translation. When an Evolve course is set to an Approved state in Intellum, it's ready for translation.

Overview of the steps taken to create, edit, and stage an Evolve course for translation. The color of the step maps to the platform in which the step is completed.

Pull translation files via API

Use the Translation API to pull the files needed for translation from the Intellum platform - these files can be delivered to your translation service.  A call to the Translation API also creates language-specific versions of the course in Evolve and Intellum, ready for corresponding translations files.

A course called by the API is placed in an In Translation state in both Evolve and Intellum. In Translation locks the course in both platforms and prevents changes to the course until translation files are received.

An Evolve course In Translation in the Intellum platform.

Heads up!

A course In Translation state can only be unlocked via an API call to cancel the translation or when a corresponding translation file is returned via API.

Push translation files via API

Use the Translation API to push translated files to the corresponding language-specific courses in Evolve and Intellum.

A course updated by the API is set to the In Review state in Intellum and the Translated state in Evolve.

Sync translation updates & publish Evolve courses

With your translations pushed back into the platforms, you're ready to make any manual changes to the translated versions of your Evolve course. This could include updating images or other course resources - as needed.

Return to the Intellum platform after making necessary updates to translated content in Evolve. Using Intellum's versioning features, return the Evolve course to the Editing state to be able to sync updates from Evolve.

After syncing updates, make sure course content and properties are correct across all versions, and Publish your courses in Intellum. You can publish courses individually or in bulk.

Overview of the steps taken to update, sync and publish an Evolve course and its translated, language-specific versions. The color of the step maps to the platform in which the step is completed.

Here's a breakdown of steps by platform including course version states: