Quality in education is what makes learning a pleasure and a joy.
~ Myron Tribus

Welcome to 2020: the year of Quality Experiences!

Last year, Intellum transformed from a learning platform to an experience platform. We broke through the boundaries of traditional learning - and traditional learning management systems - to help clients align with their broader business objectives, and educate all their audiences: employees, customers and partners. 2020 sees a continued effort to deliver engaging user experiences by making it easier to create and consume great content; but we’re doubling down on our commitment to make sure the quality of that experience is just as great.

THE 2020 BIG THING | Quality Learning Experiences

Throughout the year, we’ll leverage our acquisition of Appitierre, makers of the award-winning Evolve content authoring tool, to reduce even more friction from content creation. Soon, you’ll be able to launch Evolve content directly in the Intellum Platform, which optimizes learner flow and improves your ability to create great content at scale.

We’re also improving the platform journey for both Admins and learners. Things like streamlined navigation to minimize the back-and-forth between Collections and Paths; and cookie crumbs so you always know where you are in the platform. Later this year, we’ll introduce the ultimate in personalization: the Bot. Support bots that combine knowledge base content with your own content to provide in-app help; a bot that identifies abandonment patterns to keep learners engaged; a bot for third-party applications that brings the experience to the learner. It’s next-level experience.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! We’ve got a lot in store for Q1...and there’s plenty to talk about.

Let’s get started!