Hey, 2020. We see you. You came out of nowhere and threw the entire world for a loop. You forced us all to shift gears and embrace a new normal that put online virtual work experiences front and center. As Q1 came to a close, we found ourselves in a full-blown pandemic. Schools were closing, stay-at-home orders were being issued and all business travel and in-person meetings and events were suddenly canceled. We have always been a geographically dispersed team at Intellum, so the global shift to working remotely hasn’t had a tremendous impact on our day-to-day operations; but it has certainly had an impact on our business and on each of us individually. So in Q2, we pivoted. Well, not in the traditional sense. We didn’t shift our focus as a company or launch a new product. We reprioritized the roadmap and honed in on what we thought would best help clients engage their audiences in these unprecedented times.  

THE Q2 BIG THING | One Destination. Reimagined. 

Generally speaking, our clients engage their customers, partners and employees in three distinct ways - through live events, conferences and meetings; through education, knowledge management and product training; and through social collaboration and user communities. We spent the majority of Q2 rapidly rolling out updates that empower you to deliver more of these experiences in the Intellum Platform than ever before, and most of the enhanced features and functionality highlighted in this quarterly update have already been delivered. This is due largely to the fact that a number of existing and new clients started leveraging the Intellum Platform to rapidly transition large, in-person events and conferences into modern virtual experiences this quarter. What better way to vet these planned improvements than to have a large number of users engage on the platform at one time? We successfully hosted 20,000+ virtual attendees for Gainsight’s Pulse Everywhere conference in May, and we have two user conferences scheduled for Q3 that each have more than 100,000 planned attendees. To pull this off, we have been doubling down on scalability across the platform, and all indicators are that these new components and improvements are ready to rock and roll.  

For the Q2 release, we are thinking about three distinct experience enhancements: