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  • Deliver Content in Pages

    This path introduces you to Pages, gives you an overview of creating a page and page components, and highlights individual page components. It follows up with a few tips to help you get started developing in pages.

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  • Structure Content with Paths & Collections 

    Paths and Collections gives you the opportunity to deliver activities in an easy to follow structure. A path serves as a container to organize learning across individual activities while a collection is a grouping of paths.

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    • Rating 4.0
  • Demonstrate Mastery with Adaptive Assessments

    This path offers an overview of the platform set up for adaptive assessments and walks you through enabling the Adaptive grade type for an assessment or evaluation, setting section mastery scores, and adding actions that suggest learning content for follow...

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  • Integrate with Evolve

    Integrating Evolve with Intellum empowers content development and delivery with features that make creation and publication easy and intuitive. 

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  • Create Evolve Courses in Intellum

    This path outlines the platform setup for use of Managed in Exceed features with Evolve, provides an overview of the key features, and walks you through the steps of creating, editing, and syncing Evolve courses through the Intellum platform.

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  • Manage Content Development with Versioning

    This path provides an overview of versioning features in the platform, outlines permissions related to versioned activities, and walks you through creating and managing versioned activities. We'll share best practices to ensure that you, and your team, can make the...

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    • Rating 5.0
  • Evolve & Intellum Content Workflow

    This collection aggregates knowledge base articles across the Managed in Exceed, Versioning, and Translation experiences within the Intellum platform.

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  • Content Localization & the Translation API

    Our Translation API lets you create and manage Locale-specific versions of activities and Evolve courses for each Locale enabled in your account. When you create a localized version of an activity or Evolve course, the content is ready to be...

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  • Surface Content with Tags

    This path gives an overview of the Tags Library, provides information and instructions for creating and managing your Tagging structure, and walks you through applying tags to your content and topics.

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  • Create & Manage Assessments

    This path gives you an overview of assessments in the platform; walks you through creating assessments, surveys, and evaluations; and provides resources for creating assessment questions and managing assessment properties.

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