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  • Demonstrate Mastery with Adaptive Assessments

    This path offers an overview of the platform set up for adaptive assessments and walks you through enabling the Adaptive grade type for an assessment or evaluation, setting section mastery scores, and adding actions that suggest learning content for follow...

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  • Measure Results with Reports

    This path gives you an overview of reports in the platform, walks you through creating reports, and provides resources for follow up with specific reports or reports related to specific platform functionality.

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  • Measure Performance with Initiatives

    This path of articles provides an overview of Initiatives in the Intellum platform, step-by-step instructions for adding an initiative using the Initiative builder, and details for accessing and updating previously created initiatives.

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    • Rating 2.0
  • Create & Manage Assessments

    This path gives you an overview of assessments in the platform; walks you through creating assessments, surveys, and evaluations; and provides resources for creating assessment questions and managing assessment properties.

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  • Access & Activate the Data Warehouse

    This article provides step-by-step instructions for accessing, activating, and requesting download access to the Data Warehouse in the Intellum platform.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 4.0
  • Insights & the Data Warehouse

    This path provides an overview of Insights features and setup, and walks you through accessing and activating access to the Data Warehouse in your Intellum account.

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    • Rating 4.0