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  • Personalize the Learner Experience

    This path includes an overview of organizations, walks you through assigning users to an organization, provides resources to help you customize your organizations, and follows up with information on Action Links and the learner Plan page.

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  • Integrate Evolve & Intellum Platform

    Integrating Evolve and the Intellum Platform delivers the powerful and purpose-built combination of our full-featured authoring tool and industry-leading LMS. Once connected, Evolve courses and updates automatically sync to the Intellum Platform via Cloud Sync.

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  • Integrate with Mailchimp

    The Intellum platform integrates with Mailchimp so that you can map the users and groups from your account to an Audience in your Mailchimp account - helping you manage subscriptions and segment users based on group memberships in the Intellum...

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  • Integrate with BlueJeans

    This path provides an overview of features offered by the BlueJeans platform integrations. It walks you through connecting Intellum to your BlueJeans account and creating BlueJeans meetings or events in the platform.  

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  • E-Commerce Options with Stripe

    This path gives you an overview of E-commerce features, covers the platform setup required to enable E-commerce options using Stripe, and walks you through authorizing Intellum with a Stripe account.

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  • Integrate with OneTrust Cookie Compliance

    This path provides an overview of the Intellum platform's OneTrust integration, outlines requirements for the integration, and provides best practices related to the set up and deployment of the cookie banner in the platform.

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  • Intellum API v3

    Our detailed OpenAPI documentation for API v3 defines all endpoints, parameters, schemas, and responses. The documentation also provides descriptions for all object properties. Example requests and responses are also provided.

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  • Intellum Social: Groups & Chat

    This path provides an overview of Intellum Social and Intellum Social apps. You'll learn how to navigate and utilize Intellum Social apps as an admin in the Intellum platform.

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  • Integrate with Zoom

    This path gives an overview of the features of the Zoom integration and the platform setup required to integrate a Zoom account. It walks you through the steps and settings associated with creating Zoom events in the platform.

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  • Surface Content with Tags

    This path gives an overview of the Tags Library, provides information and instructions for creating and managing your Tagging structure, and walks you through applying tags to your content and topics.

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  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams

    This path provides an overview of features offered by the Microsoft Teams platform integration. It walks you through connecting Intellum to your Microsoft Teams account and creating Microsoft Teams events in the platform.

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  • Intellum Branding Guidelines

    This article will walk you through the components of the Intellum Platform that can be utilized to create a unique branding experience for learners. It will also offers tips and best practices for optimizing component usage in the platform.

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  • Locales | Supported Languages

    The Intellum Platform and Social applications support users in multiple languages and provide capabilities for activities in different languages.

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  • Intellum E-commerce

    This path provides an overview of Intellum E-Commerce features, covers the platform setup of custom E-commerce options and objects, and walks you through the learner experience with Intellum E-Commerce.

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  • Measure Performance with Initiatives

    This path of articles provides an overview of Initiatives in the Intellum platform, step-by-step instructions for adding an initiative using the Initiative builder, and details for accessing and updating previously created initiatives.

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