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Live Events
  • Create Training Credits

    This article will cover how training credits can be created, associated reports, and the learner experience. 

    • Duration 7m
    • Advanced
  • Activity SEO Properties

    This article provides an overview of the SEO properties available for activities.

    • Duration 2m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Intermediate
  • Search Engine Optimization

    This path covers the elements and attributes within the Intellum platform that contribute to SEO and gives you an overview of how and where you can add descriptive information to improve SEO for your learning site.

    • Path
  • Level Badge Types

    Dive into the different Level badge types and what they mean.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner
  • Custom Fields

    This article covers adding a custom field and defining the custom field details and type.

    • Duration 5m
    • Advanced
  • Card Drop Component

    This article provides an overview of the card drop component, component setup, and behavior, and provides examples of card drop component configurations.

    • Duration 5m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Beginner
  • Infographic Component

    This article provides a quick setup guide for working with the infographic component, offers a full overview of component settings, and provides tips for working with the infographic component.

    • Duration 8m
    • Rating 3.0
    • Beginner