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  • Evolve & Intellum Content Workflow

    This collection aggregates knowledge base articles across the Managed in Exceed, Versioning, and Translation experiences within the Intellum platform.

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  • Integrate with BlueJeans

    This path provides an overview of the features of the BlueJeans integration and the platform setup required to integrate a BlueJeans account. It walks you through the steps and settings associated with creating BlueJeans meetings in the platform.  

    • Path
  • Integrate with OneTrust Cookie Compliance

    This path provides an overview of the Intellum platform's OneTrust integration, outlines requirements for the integration, and provides best practices related to the set up and deployment of the cookie banner in the platform.

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  • Browser Notifications

    In this article, we will go over how you can enable browser notifications, disable browser notifications, and re-enable browser notifications after disablement.

    • Duration 2m
    • Advanced
  • Pages & page components

    Learn how clients can use pages and page components to suit their content needs.

    • Duration 7m
    • Advanced
  • Home layout

    Make the most of your home layout options that best suit your branding needs.

    • Duration 7m
    • Advanced
  • Paths & collections

    Check out how clients can use paths and collections to format content. 

    • Duration 3m
    • Advanced
  • Topics & gamification

    Topics are a smart solution for categorizing and organizing learning activities in a catalog. Learn about how clients can use them to their advantage. 

    • Duration 5m
    • Advanced
  • Intellum Branding Overview

    Learn more about Intellum's branding style. This path dives into the feature components of the Intellum platform and how you can utilize those features to manage and format a variety of content for clients.

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    • Duration 22m
    • Advanced