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Check out our latest releases, product updates, and feature enhancements across the Intellum Platform, Social, Insights, E-commerce and Evolve.

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  • Intellum Product Updates

    Review monthly summaries of new releases, updates, and enhancements across Intellum's customer education solutions, including the Intellum Platform, Social, Insights, E-commerce, and Evolve.

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  • Intellum Platform: Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives are the heart of good instructional design. Craft strategic learning objectives for Paths and Activities, or use AI for automated objective generation.

    • Rating 5.0
  • Evolve: Folders

    Tame your course chaos! With Evolve’s new Folders you can neatly categorize and manage your expanding course library. 

    • Evolve: Cloud Sync

      Scale your education initiatives like never before with an advanced content-authoring tool and learning management system that are made for each other.  Cloud Sync, exclusive to Evolve and the Intellum Platform, ensures your learners’ content is always up to date...

      • Evolve: Improved Live Preview

        See exactly how your Course will look across user devices, pinpoint active Editor comments, track statistics, and search and inspect page elements directly in Live Preview.

        • Rating 5.0
      • Intellum E-commerce

        Grow your revenue and expand your reach with Intellum E-commerce, a seamless, in-platform customer experience for monetizing high-value activities, courses, certifications, and more.

        • Duration 3m
      • Evolve: Version 10

        Introducing Evolve: Version 10, a fully rebranded and streamlined content authoring experience, with updated menus, redesigned Course Builder pages, a refreshed user interface, and simplified profile and account settings.

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      • Intellum Social: Streamlined Admin

        Explore Intellum's simplified Social Admin, where we have: Moved the admin for Social and Community Topics to Exceed settings. Added notifications for Social to the Platform.

        • Duration 5m