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Managed by Exceed features use our proprietary Evolve integration to allow you to create new Evolve content directly within the Intellum platform, jump to Evolve to edit and build your content, and return to Intellum to sync content and updates.

This article outlines the publish settings for Evolve courses created in the Intellum platform and walks you through the steps required to sync course updates and edits from Evolve to Intellum.

Publish settings in Evolve

Evolve courses created in the Intellum platform do not have a publish step in Evolve. When you're ready to publish, use the View Activity in Exceed link to open the activity in the Intellum platform and sync your Evolve course content.

Heads Up!

Evolve courses created in Intellum can also be published for use outside of the platform (SCORM, Web and Offline), or for use in a different Intellum account - if needed.

Set as Managed by Exceed

Admin and Editors in an Evolve account can set any Evolve course as a Managed by Exceed course from the Publish page in Evolve - and sync updates to the Intellum platform after a course has been set to Managed by Exceed.

Inline Mode & Completion Method

Check the following items in Evolve before syncing an Evolve course in the Intellum platform; doing so helps ensure your Evolve course will functions as intended:

  • Enable Use Inline Mode on the Publish page in Evolve - if needed:

  • Select a Course Status setting to set a method for course completion:

Heads Up!

Course Status settings in Evolve have moved to the Behaviour tab found in Course Settings.

Once a completion method has been set, return to the Publish page to proceed with viewing the activity in the Intellum platform.

Sync Evolve edits to Intellum

When you return to the Evolve course in the Intellum platform, you will find a Sync Updates option available in the Compose tab - as seen below:

Select Sync Updates. This pulls any edits or updates you've made in Evolve directly into the Intellum platform.

Once all updates have been synced, you will see All Updates Synced reflected in the sync status area.

Preview an Evolve course as a learner

Once your edits or updates have synced successfully, you can preview your Evolve course in the Intellum platform.

Preview your Evolve course in Learner View by selecting Launch as Learner from the Compose tab.

Review the course in Learner View to ensure edits/updates have correctly synced from Evolve.

  • If your course is set up as an Inline Evolve course, ensure that the course launches in the Intellum platform without requiring you to click a Launch button.
  • Ensure that the Completion settings set on your Evolve course functions as you intend.

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