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Within a Page, you are able to add multiple components to build and structure your content. Adding HTML to your activities can be done easily within the Intellum platform. Here, we'll walk you through adding and formatting HTML components.

Add an HTML component

Add an HTML component by selecting the add component icon and selecting Add HTML.

Formatting an HTML component

HTML components can be customized using a built-in editor that supports HTML and markdown formatting for text and graphics, as well as embedding content from the web.

  1. Click the + icon and select Add HTML .
  2. Use the HTML Embed Code Editor to add and edit HTML/markdown.
  3. Preview and Save your content.
  4. The page is updated with your HTML component content. Select the component and click the <> icon to edit the component.

Heads up!

Custom code added to HTML components is not validated by the platform. Adding incorrect code as an HTML component may cause issues on a page.

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