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Week of Monday, November 16

Intellum v44.21.0

  • Fixed an issue where broken images were preventing activities from being duplicated.

  • Fixed an issue where date dynamic variables were not populating in letters for users who were enrolled manually.

  • Fixed an issue where editing recurring events unintentionally added additional dates to the event schedule

  • Fixed an issue where topic restrictions were not respected when viewing all content in a live and upcoming row on the catalog homepage.

Tribe v1.32.0

  • Fixed issue that caused chat room messages to not update correctly when a new member joined.

Evolve v8.1.2

  • Game Component – Fixed an issue in True/False questions where the Hint functionality was removing False answers that were marked as correct.

  • Focus Outline – Fixed IE11 issue where the Focus Outline was appearing as dotted on certain elements.

  • Infographic Component – Completion Method refined to resolve issues occurring when using Logic Triggers.

  • Article Styles – Fixed issue where icon’s disabled state color in Article Styles was being overridden by Component Item style.

  • Media Carousel Component – Fixed playback issue with media/streamed media when Component navigated at speed.

  • Select Component – Button can now not be operated until a selection has been made.

  • Theme Editor – Decimal point values can now be entered in Line Height.

  • Simulation Component – Fixed issue where the page was scrolling straight to Simulation on page entry.

  • Narrative Component – Fixed issue in tablet view where the next slide would not auto-scroll to the top of the content.

  • Media Playing in IE11 – Fixed issue regarding audio in streamed Brightcove media content.

Week of Monday, November 9

Intellum v44.20.0

  • Fixed issue where cover art for Zoom events was missing when added to a page.

  • Added the ‘Job Title’ property to API V3.

  • Fixed issue where parents of other topics were returning when the topic locale dropdown was called via API V3.

  • Fixed issue where the API V3 courses list was timing out when called.

  • Various security enhancements.

Tribe v1.31.0

  • Improved data synchronization within Tribe to provide a better user experience.

  • Enhanced security of uploaded files.

Evolve v8.1.1

  • Text and Graphic Component – Fixed color pickers in the appearance section not working correctly.
  • Interactive Video Component – Fixed completion dialog missing icon.
  • Matching Component – Fixed focus outline appearance.
  • Hotgraphic Component – Fixed tooltip items showing unnecessary scroll bars.
  • Media Grid Component – Item titles are now rendered as headings.
  • Theme – Fixed issue where non-numerical values could be entered into various fields.
  • Logic – Fixed dialog title and body text not appearing in logic dialogs that use audio media.
  • SCORM – Added new option in ‘Advanced’ publish settings that allows setting the learner name format.

Week of Monday, November 2

Intellum v44.19.0

  • Learner Self Registration - Fixed an issue where some learners were not able to self-register.
  • Home Row Navigation & Scrolling - Improved user experience in home row ‘view all’ link, scrolling, and spacing.

  • Security Vulnerability Fix

Tribe v1.30.0

There are no updates this week.

Evolve v8.1

  • Card Drop Component – A new question component that allows learners to answer a question by placing labeled cards into different drop zones.
  • Checkbox Group Component – This new component is designed to work with the Logic features in Evolve. Each option can save its checked state to Variable.
  • Hotgraphic Component – Hotspot colors can now be set directly in the component.
  • Tabs Component – Added a new option in the component’s appearance section which allows users to control if tab item text should be truncated or not.
  • Simulation Component – Now has a new behavior option that allows the component to display scroll bars that overlay the Simulation window. These new scroll bars also hide if the screen image matches the window size.
  • Translations – Tooltips added using the text editor are now translatable.