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Assessments help you ensure your content sticks with users. You can quiz users with graded questions to follow up on retention - or check in with manually graded questions to help assess understanding. There may be times you need to reset a learner's enrollment to allow them to resume taking an assessment that was submitted early or in error.

This article walks you through resetting an assessment as a facilitator or administrator in the platform.

Reset an assessment

As an event facilitator, you can reset a learner's progress for the scheduled assessments you are assigned to facilitate - allowing a learner to resume the assessment from where they left off.

Follow these steps to reset an assessment as an event facilitator:

Access a scheduled assessment:

  1. Navigate to the Events page.
  2. Locate the assessment in the All Events or My Events section.
  3. Click on the linked name of the event to access facilitation options.

Reset scheduled assessment progress:

  1. Navigate to the Participants tab for the event.
  2. Select the learner(s) whose progress should be reset.
  3. Click the Update Status dropdown menu.
  4. Select In-Progress to reset the assessment for the learner(s).

After you have updated a learner's status, they are able to return to the activity and resume taking the assessment.

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