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This article provides Frequently Asked Questions related to the Evolve and Intellum Platform integration and Cloud Sync functionality.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to Evolve Cloud Sync?

Evolve Cloud Sync is exclusive to users of both Evolve and the Intellum Platform. To learn more about Evolve’s integration with the Intellum Platform, reference the Integrate with Evolve Learning Path.

How do I get Evolve courses into the Evolve Cloud?

Whenever you create a new course in Evolve, it is automatically added to the Evolve Cloud, making it accessible to Admins on the Intellum Platform.

How do Evolve content creators publish new or updated courses?

Using Evolve and the Intellum Platform:

Created courses automatically sync to the Evolve Cloud, making them accessible to Admins on the Intellum Platform for Activity creation.

When making course updates, use the Cloud Sync icon to toggle automatic content syncing on or off for any Evolve Course.

When toggled on, the course will automatically send updates to the Cloud whenever you change the linked Evolve Course. These updates sync to the Intellum Platform within seconds.

Access Advanced Options in the Cloud Sync menu to toggle Inline mode on or off. Changes to Inline mode status also sync to the cloud.

Using Evolve only:

Click the Publish button to launch a pop-up with all previously available options and settings.

How do Intellum Platform Admins create new activities using Evolve Cloud-linked courses?

Creating an Intellum Platform Activity linked to an Evolve course is handled in the Intellum Platform. Follow these steps:

  • Admin Portal → Content → + New → Evolve Course

  • Title the activity

  • Choose the Evolve instance

  • Search for, and select, an existing Evolve Cloud course

How do Intellum Platform Admins update their Activities when Evolve course updates are available?

Versioning = On
Changes made to Evolve courses are automatically reflected in the Content last updated indicator on the Compose tab for every Intellum Platform activity linked to those courses. These updates are synced to the Draft for these activities.

Platform Admins can review the new Draft to see the updates and publish them whenever they want to push them live to their learners:

  • Admin Portal → Content → [name of an activity] → Compose → Blue Edit button

Versioning = Off

Changes made to Evolve courses are automatically reflected in the Sync Status indicator on the Compose tab for every Intellum Platform activity linked to those courses.

Sync Changes indicates that there are updates ready to be published, while All Updates Synced indicates no new changes.

Platform Admins can click the Sync Changes button whenever they want to push the latest content live to their learners.

What happens in Evolve if I delete an Intellum Platform activity linked to an Evolve Course?

Nothing; the Evolve course remains untouched. With Cloud Sync, Platform Activities and Evolve Courses are managed separately.

What happens in the Intellum Platform if I delete an Evolve Course linked to a Platform activity?

Nothing; If you delete an Evolve course synced to an activity in the Intellum Platform, you must manually remove the associated content and activities within the Intellum Platform. Any activity linked to a deleted Evolve course displays an error in the Draft notifying you that you should not publish the course as the Evolve course no longer exists.

How can I view all Cloud Sync courses in Evolve?

From the Course page in Evolve, you can filter your course search to find view all of your Cloud Sync courses.

How frequently are Evolve changes synced into the Evolve Cloud?

As you change a course in Evolve, changes are automatically synced to the cloud every 30 seconds.

Can I manually initiate a sync?

While it is not necessary to manually initiate syncs between Evolve and the Intellum Platform, you can do so in Evolve by toggling Cloud Sync off and then on.

Once toggled, the sync status changes from the date and time of the last sync to Queuing sync… Within 30 seconds, the Cloud icon is replaced with rotating arrows indicating that the course is syncing to the cloud. Once the sync is complete, a green cloud icon with a checkmark appears in place of the rotating arrows.

What kinds of changes get synced?

Any changes you make to a course’s content are synced. If you turn Inline mode on or off, that status automatically syncs. Global assets, course themes, and default versions are synced to the cloud.

How are Intellum Platform Admins notified when updates are made to Evolve Courses in the cloud?

Each Platform activity indicates when there are changes ready to be published.

Versioning = On:
The Content last updated timestamp below the Course title on the Compose tab shows when the linked Evolve course was last changed.

Versioning = Off:

The Sync status indicator below the Course title on the Compose tab will read Sync Changes when changes are ready to be published.

Can I use an Evolve course in multiple Intellum Platform instances?

Yes. Evolve courses can be added or synced to multiple Intellum Platform instances by connecting each Platform instance to Evolve.